Minutes 2016-06-01 Llanbadoc Community Council
posted on Tue Jul 19 2016, 07:08AM
by Olivia Beaumont
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                                         LLANBADOC COMMUNITY COUNCIL  
                        Clerk: Olivia Beaumont, The Glade, Trostrey, Usk NP15 1JH. Tel. 01291 673515 email. clerk@llanbadoc.org 
Minutes of meeting held on 1st June 2016   

Present: Cllr. Hilary Jones, Cllr. John Wright, Cllr. Steve Waring, Cllr. Mark Reardon, Cllr. Jo Storey and Cllr. James Lawrence   

Members of the public: County Councillor Val Smith   

1.    Apologies for absence none   

2.    Declarations of interest   Planning Matters - Cllr. Peter Clarke has previously declared a personal and prejudicial interest in this item under the member’s code of conduct, due to his position on the Planning Board of Monmouthshire County Council.   

3.    Police Report April and May Crime reports – pending   

4.    Report from County Councillor Val Smith   
·         Concerns over location of signage ‘Glascoed Lane’ in Glascoed 
·         Copies of M4 proposals distributed to council members present 
·         Continue to observe committee meetings – Strong Communities, Democratic Services, Planning and Adult Committees. 
·         New Chairman of Monmouthshire County Council – Jim Higginson 
·         Nominated for South Wales Fire Authority and Community Health Council 
·         Monmouth Comprehensive School – cluster of 9 primary feeder schools, interesting meeting at Trellech Primary, forward looking group. 
·         St David’s Cycle Route through Glascoed uncontentious 
·         Historic Car Rally route though Glascoed – uncontentious 
·         Velothon – Needs proper post event assessment – interesting to see calculation of cost of Velothon to local businesses 
·         12th/25th June – EU Energy days 
·         Independently run supported accommodation within Monmouthshire - Excellent Safe Guarding Training covering the whole of Gwent 
·         NHS breast, cervical, bowel and abdominal aortic aneurysm screening in local area – information provided 
·         Rural Forum threatened with abolition, regretful.   

5.    Meeting adjourned and members of the public invited to speak   
No members of the public present other than County Councillor Val Smith   

6.    Adoption of minutes – Minutes of monthly meeting held on Wednesday 4th May 2016.  The chair Cllr. Hilary Jones asked the council if it was their wish that she sign the minutes.  This was proposed by Cllr. John Wright and seconded by Cllr. Steve Waring.  All present were in agreement that they were a true and accurate recording of the meeting and the minutes were duly signed.  ACTION: Clerk to publish on website.     Please see item 12. For adoption of AGM Minutes   

7.    Clerks Report   
a.       Fly tipping incident reported to LCC by Nigel Bowyer on 23/05 – Clerk notified MCC on 23/05 via online reporting system – ACTION: Clerk (confirm this been resolved) 
b.      Glasdon brochure – council furniture – noted 
c.       Usk Library ‘The Big Friendly Read: Summer Reading Challenge’ – request for contribution towards a prize - noted   

8.    Councillors Reports   

(Sub-Group) Procedural and Financial 
(Cllr. Hilary Jones, Cllr. Peter Clarke, Cllr. Jo Storey, Cllr. James Lawrence)   
·         Reply from Emma Green, Zurich Insurance re. updated asset register - £26.61 additional premium ·         Reply from Emma Green, Zurich Insurance re. flooding of common land - Senior Authority who have confirmed the fact that the land may flood does not impact on the council's Public Liability cover in any way.  ACTION: Clerk.  To ask for specific cost of reinstating the culvert should it collapse.  Suggested up to £10k & £20k. Ownership unclear – National Rivers Authority absorbed into Environment Agency, then Natural Resources Wales. Confirm. 
·         Cllr. Mark Reardon asked what, if any personal liability do councillors have? In what circumstances? ACTION: Clerk - contact MCC / OVW for advice 
·         Contract control – Twyn-y-Cryn Tree Surgery 2016 – collecting information, Cllr. Steve Waring confirmed in progress 
·         Outstanding member’s interests – Requirement to publish on website – The chair, Cllr. Hilary Jones asked the clerk to formally contact Cllr. Laura Jones and Cllr. Peter Clarke, to explain this is a legal requirement.  ACTION: Clerk   (Sub-Group) 

(Cllr. John Wright, Cllr. Mark Reardon, Cllr. Steve Waring, Cllr. Hilary Jones, Cllr. James Lawrence)   
·         15th June – next path care meeting 
·         Richard Laking has suggested way markers with LCC with numbers of each walk - ONGOING 
·         Dereck Brockway – Contacted to see if interested in Reservoir Trail - ONGOING 
·         1000 Walk leaflets from Welsh Water  
·         Cllr. Steve Waring highlighted the need to action short term work in Bettina’s reports – within 3 months   

(Sub-Group) Website / Facebook 
(Cllr. John Wright, Cllr. Steve Waring, Cllr. Laura Jones, Cllr. Hilary Jones)   
·         A meeting tbc   

(Sub-Group) Newsletter 
(Cllr. Steve Waring, Cllr. John Wright, Cllr. Hilary Jones and Cllr. Jo Storey)   
·         Ongoing as having to approach different printers – 1st July aiming for delivery to local residents   

Rural Forum (Cllr. Peter Clarke) 
Thursday 26th May, 7pm Raglan School.  In the absence of Cllr. Peter Clarke feedback was provided by County Councillor Val Smith. Only 5 members present, guest speaker from GAVO (Welsh Assembly contribute to GAVO) – 4 authorities represented by GAVO, Monmouthshire included.  The chair asked councillors if they would be willing to take it in turns to attend the Rural Forum.  Suggestion for Cllr. Jo Storey and Cllr. Hilary Jones to take it in turns. ACTION: Clerk to inform JS and HJ of future meetings.   

Prison Liaison (Cllr. Hilary Jones) 
no meetings to report on.    

Usk Chamber of Commerce 
no meetings to report on   

OVW (Cllr. Hilary Jones and Cllr. Jo Storey) 
no meetings to report on   

Give Dog Fouling the Red Card (Cllr. Jo Storey) 
next meeting to be held in the Conference Room Usk County Hall for 2.30pm on Thursday 18th August 2016. – Noted   

Meet with Paul Matthews Working with T&C Councils – Monday 20th June 6.30pm – Cllr. John Wright, Cllr. Mark Reardon and Cllr. Jo Storey to attend   

9.    Matters Arising   
a.       Report received from Internal auditor, John Turner – Presented to council members and to be submitted to external auditor 
b.      Presentation of Annual Return and Approval of accounting statement and The Annual Governance statement – All present in agreement and signed by the chair, Cllr. Hilary Jones.  ACTION: Clerk to submit c.       Electors rights confirmed displayed 23rd May – 5th June 2016 (published on website/noticeboards) d.      Records available for public inspection 6th June – 1st July 2016 
e.      Clerk contract of employment (The clerk left the room) – Clerk salary review proposed by Cllr. Steve Waring and seconded by Cllr. Jo Storey.  It was unanimously agreed to award a pay increase to the clerk – Based on the National Joint Council for local government services (NJC) 2016-2018 National Salary from point 22 to point 23 on scale – new salary £10.944 ph.  To be back dated to 1st May 2016. To be reviewed again at AGM May 2017. ACTION: Clerk to inform MCC Done 02/06/16 
f.        Plough over Usk Valley walk (Cllr. Mark Reardon) – MR to provide details, clerk to send email to Coleg Gwent.  No Community Liaison meetings for 12 months – Ask for the support of MCC, Ruth Rourke and Ian Sanderson, MCC Countryside.  ACTION: Clerk   

10.  Planning   

10.1 MCC Planning Committee Meeting next meeting on Tuesday, 7th June, 2016, 2.00 pm   

10.2 Planning Applications   
a.       DC/2016/00499 The Lilac’s. Glascoed – Retrospective decking at front of the house (emailed comments received from JW, MR, HJ and SW – no objections) – Noted 
b.      UTAG planning application – Request for planning application submission via Community Council – Once the application has been prepared, LCC would invite UTAG to attend a meeting to present to LCC.  Decline to make an application via LCC. ACTION: clerk   

10.3 MCC Enforcement Cases   
Ongoing enforcement cases for Wards – Cllr. Val Smith and Cllr. Hilary Jones met last week. Details provided to the clerk, 5 open cases ACTION: Clerk to pursue to Guy Delamere for progress report   

11.  Finance 
a. Clerk salary - MCC confirmed mis-type of digits which has resulted in an underpayment of £360.51. The calculation will be double checked, before payment, by another of my member of MCC pay roll and will endeavour to make the adjustment in June’s pay.  To confirm what payment LCC have been invoiced for. ACTION: Clerk 
b. Copy of accounts circulated – Request for confirmation of Footpaths/ woodlands/ signage budget, £3000 and paid to date (anything carried over from last year) – Total to date figures. ACTION: Clerk         
c. Passbook balance - £13,011.16 – confirmed by the chair and signed 
d. Clerks expenses (including £5 paper and £6.60 12x 2nd class stamps) - £46.80 proposed by JW, seconded by SW.  ACTION: Clerk 
e. Engraving of chain of office - £15.95 (Cllr. Hilary Jones) – proposed by JL, seconded by JW ACTION: Clerk 
f. Gwent Wildlife Trust membership renewal £36.00 June – proposed by SW, seconded by JL ACTION: Clerk 
g. Zurich Insurance - Revised schedule of cover to note the adjustments made along with an Invoice in respect of the additional premium due of £26.61 inclusive of tax – Proposed by JW, seconded JS ACTION: clerk 
h. 35 bags of concrete - £175 plus VAT. As approved on 4/5/16 – Deferred 
i. £35.00 OVW course, proposed by JW, and seconded by JS. Request to defer to 13th JUNE ACTION: Clerk 
j. Hedge Cutting Glascoed Lane, Ian Lewis requested November 2015 - £100 plus VAT – Deferred, Cllr. James Lawrence to follow up   

12.  Any Other Business (at the discretion of the chairman)   
Cllr. John Wright requested the Minutes from the 2016 AGM, held on 4th May 2016 be approved and adopted – Proposed by Cllr. John Wright and seconded by Cllr. Steve Waring. All present in agreement that they were a true and accurate recording of the meeting and the minutes were duly signed. ACTION: Cllr. Hilary Jones to sign, and ACTION: Clerk to publish on website   

13.  Date of next meeting – Wednesday 6th July 2016   
Yours faithfully,     
Olivia Beaumont, Clerk
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