Minutes 2016-10-05 Llanbadoc Community Council
posted on Fri Dec 09 2016, 01:52PM
by Olivia Beaumont
[ Edited Sun Dec 18 2016, 11:59PM ]

  Clerk: Olivia Beaumont, The Glade, Trostrey, Usk NP15 1JH. Tel. 01291 673515 email. clerk@llanbadoc.org 
LCC – Llanbadoc Community Council MCC – Monmouthshire County Council OVW – One Voice Wales   Minutes of meeting held on Wednesday 5th October 2016 6.30pm   

Present: Cllr. Hilary Jones (HJ), Cllr. John Wright (JW), Cllr. Jenny Carpenter (JC), Cllr. Jo Storey (JS), Cllr. Mark Reardon (MR), Cllr. Steve Waring (SW), Cllr. Laura Jones (LJ)   

Members of the public: County Cllr. Val Smith (VS) and 5 members of the public.  
1.    Apologies for absence Cllr. Peter Clarke and James Lawrence and Cllr. Laura Jones left at 7.30pm  

2.    Declarations of interest Planning Matters - Cllr. Peter Clarke has previously declared a personal and prejudicial interest in this item under the member’s code of conduct, due to his position on the Planning Board of Monmouthshire County Council.   

3.    Police Report    4.    Report from County Councillor Val Smith            
  • Fire Service and Ambulance Service working together as first responders          
  • The Cabinet Secretary for Finance and Local Government, Mr Mark Drakeford AM, has set out a new way forward for local government in Wales.         
  • Congratulations on Llanbadoc Community Council on publication of newsletter         
  • Monmouthshire County Council is not meeting quota for new housing – review to be undertaken   
  • Coleg Gwent students litter picking        
  •  ‘Give dog fouling the red card’ sign now up in Woodside         
  • Met with Natural Resources Wales – Usk River Bridge          
  • Good presentation on broadband, BT and Welsh Government representative – communication to follow         
  • Rural Forum failing, however moves for community governance i.e. 5 area committees. ·         Parking Issues at Usk Primary School still ongoing          
  • MCC Strong Communities meeting well attend by local residents, with good contributions. Working group on speed and safety to be set up. Review of Woodside ongoing. Information to be fed back to Paul Keeble.   
5.    Meeting adjourned and members of the public invited to speak        
  • A resident raised the issue of litter along riverside Prioress Mill Lane, mainly along summer months - August. MR commented ongoing issue, Coleg Gwent has previously been contacted re. Students.  A number of people on bikes using Usk Valley Walk. Bins could be provided, although problem with emptying the bins.  Member of the public raised the suggestion of a sign displaying a potential fine as a deterrent.  MR confirmed this is Private Land, MCC maintain the Usk Valley Walk. ACTION: Clerk to contact MCC. Done - MCC emailed on 12/10 Environment Group will investigate viability of signage at their next meeting on 6th October. ACTION: Environment Group          
  • A member of the public had attended the MCC Stronger Communities meeting, disappointed minutes still outstanding and no news on actions – 12/10 clerk emailed dedicated contact to follow up VS to confirm a meeting date with Paul Keeble. ACTION: HJ and LJ to represent LCC at that Meeting. ONGOING         
  • Local Woodside resident confirmed that Usk Town had recently held a music festival, which was poorly attended.  Local residents would like to be involved in bringing economic benefit to the town. In touch with the organisers, would like to promote next year through the Community Council. HJ supported.          
  • A resident raised road calming measures in Monmouth as an example of good practice.
6.    Adoption of minutes – Wednesday 7th September 2016, proposed by JS and seconded by MR, approved by all present, signed by the chair.  ACTION: Clerk to be published on the website Done 11/10   

7.    Clerks Report – Please see full correspondence list.          
  • The 2018 review of parliamentary constituencies in Wales initial proposals www.bcomm-wales.gov.uk          
  • Usk Town Mayor – Charity Gig – Saturday 8th October, Memorial Hall, Usk – The clerk and HJ to attend.          
  • Cluster will supersede Area Committee and Rural Forum - VS explained         
  • JW has proposed the idea of a Community Social event hosted by Llanbadoc Community Council - Proprietor of Glascoed Pub, Carl happy to host a community event with free room hire.  It was raised that the council needs to be clear about the purpose of such an event. LJ proposed a Fete on the Glascoed Pub site.  Meeting to discuss further ACTION: LJ to organise.    
8.    Councillors Reports   

(Sub-Group) Procedural and Financial (Cllr. Hilary Jones, Cllr. Peter Clarke, Cllr. Jo Storey, Cllr. James Lawrence, Cllr. Jenny Carpenter)            
  • Meeting of the group held on 21st September 2016 – HJ reviewed the minutes of the meeting 
  • Issues arising from external auditor’s report – internal auditor has now produced a detailed report of work undertaken – Item Discharged         
  •  A review of council spending against 2016/17 budget, the clerk provided a detailed report of the council’s current finances, and looked at expenditure against budget under each budget heading.  No areas of concern were raised.         
  •  Twyn-y-Cryn tree surgery contract control – agenda for Environment Group meeting 6/10 – ACTION: SW            
  • Outstanding Members Interests – ACTION: LJ Received 05/10          
  • Model Financial Regulations – JC has reviewed, no immediate concerns, to discuss at next Procedural and Financial meeting. JW suggested the OVW Model better as details work of RFO. JW Proposed LCC adopt the Model Financial Regulations as more robust. ACTION: Clerk Agenda to Finance committee meeting         
  •  Llanbadoc Island and Glascoed Common – Proposal for using reserves to have these areas maintained this financial year up to £800.00.  All in favour.         
  •  Proposal for annual donation of £200.00 to Usk in Bloom to sponsor area of ground by Usk River Bridge. All in favour.          
  • All sub committees note the need to submit their requests for budgets for the financial year 2017/2018 by the end of November 2016 this can be done by email request to Hilary or Olivia.       
  •  To arrange finance meeting in December to look at budget for 2017/18 ACTION: Clerk Done Monday 5th 6.30pm Glen-yr-Afon.   Cllr. Laura Jones gave her apologies and left the meeting at this point.   

(Sub-Group) Environment (Cllr. John Wright, Cllr. Mark Reardon, Cllr. Steve Waring, Cllr. Hilary Jones, Cllr. James Lawrence)            
  • Request for litter bin in Glascoed ONGOING JW meeting with Dewi Lane at location on 29.10 at 2.30pm          
  • Septic tank discharge in Glascoed – ACTION: JW to investigate         
  •  Proposed Tree surgery at Glascoed – Mr Philip Davy has requested to have commons trees encroaching on his boundary professionally cut down. Recommend to accept offer with a disclaimer that he carries out the work at his own risk. ACTION: Clerk Done 12/10         
  •  Mr Davey has offered to cut the grass in the playground if the council were to buy him a new blade for his lawn mower every year. ACTION: Environment Group to discuss        
  • A request had been received for the path care group to clear up the small area between the Usk bridge (our side) and the concrete steps going up to the river bank, cleared on Tuesday 4th Oct.   
  • Pathcare mid-month session to cut down 2 trees identified in the tree report at Trostra common.     
  • Peter has identified work that needs doing on the reservoir trail comprising clearing, branches to be cut away, path retaining edges and step repairs - diarise for early November session.          
  • Walks leaflets – JW proposed reprinting of walks leaflets (using remaining budget heading ‘newsletter and walks leaflets’) Seconded by SW. Approved  - Quote from Designer Print -to print and fold 200 of each walk in full colour would cost £60.00 per walk on 150 gsm coated paper x 5 walks leaflets accepted by JW. £300.         
  • JW thanked HJ for her efforts in restoring the BT phone box.   
(Sub-Group) Website (Cllr. John Wright, Cllr. Steve Waring, Cllr. Laura Jones, Cllr. Jenny Carpenter and Cllr. James Lawrence)           
  • Meeting of the group held on 13th September 2016 report by JC, minutes circulated.          
  • Important to be publishing up to date information. JC and JL now have publishing access as site administrators.         
  • Update photos – Deferred to next Council meeting on 2nd November 2016          
  • Newsletter to be published on website ACTION: HJ to pass on PDF version to JC          
  • A website sub group meeting has been arranged by JW, SW, & JC for Tues 18th October 2.30pm at School House Glascoed. ACTION: LJ and JL to confirm attendance.   
(Sub-Group) Newsletter (Cllr. Steve Waring, Cllr. John Wright, Cllr. Hilary Jones and Cllr. Jo Storey)           
  •  Distribution of newsletters update – Positive experience as communicating with members of the public          
  • HJ to send PDF to JC for publication on the LCC website. ACTION: JC ·         
  • HJ thanked council members for their commitment in hand delivering the newsletter within the ward.   
Central Monmouthshire Area Committee Meeting 28th September 2016 10am – Attended by VS, who encouraged participation of Community Councillors.   

Central Monmouthshire Rural Forum Meeting 6th October 2016, Raglan School 7pm - Cancelled   

Rural Lottery Programme Meeting LJ & MR interested in attending Rural Lottery Programme ACTION: Clerk to resend. DONE emailed details on 06/10 – 3rd November at 10am bridges Centre. This will be to discuss the criteria of the new fund and discuss potential partnership projects.    

Planning Aid Wales Training Thu 17 November 2016, 18:30 – 21:00. Location: Little Mill Village Hall, Berthon Road, Pontypool - £26.99 cost JW requested to attend. Approved.  ACTION: JW   

MCC Cluster Meeting 15th September 2016, Usk Community Hub, 7 - 8.30pm – Report by MR.   

Woodlands Trust - Cefn Ila Usk pathways project - recce walking routes from Cefn Ila – MR attended. Report circulated.   

Police and Crime Commissioner Community Council Event 27th September, Shire Hall, Monmouth – Report by HJ     

9.    Matters Arising         
  • Ownership and responsibility of Usk Island – ACTION: Clerk to contact MCC Estates Dept. emailed dedicated contact to follow up on 12/10          
  • Woodside - highways matters raised by residents – ONGOING – VS completing survey of residents  
  • Woodside – Area of land by Usk River Bridge – VS confirmed owned by Natural Resources Wales The clerk has spoken to Tony Kear with the proposal that Usk in Bloom take over that parcel of land.  £200. 00 annual donation for Usk in Bloom. Proposed by HJ, seconded by JW. Vote to full council to come from 2016/17 budget. Unanimous ACTION: Clerk. Done. The clerk and HJ met with Tony Kear, Chair for Usk in Bloom on 12/10.  Following this meeting HJ to contact Morris’s of Usk to look at clearing site and then Usk in Bloom will investigate preferred planting option.  Tony Kear happy with proposal from LCC, HJ confirmed £200 to be sent to Usk in Bloom following next LCC council meeting.             
  • Woodside – Give dog fouling the Red Card sign displayed in Woodside at beginning of walk through 
  • Glascoed - BT Phone Box – adoption? Appears that someone has shot at the BT box.  New sign from BT displayed in box, explaining for decommissioning.   VS suggested if the phone box was disconnected, another information point as useful identity point.  ACTION: To discuss at future LCC meetings.             
  • Llanbadoc – Merlin Waste dog poo bin collections, ACTION: Clerk contact Merlin Waste Done, fortnightly collections confirmed          
  • Llanbadoc – Grass cutting of play area – MCC quote required ACTION: Clerk follow up 12/10 emailed dedicated contact to follow up           
  • Monkswood – Path to BAE systems to Cefn Mawr lane – verge overgrown onto path ACTION: Clerk follow up Done 12/10 emailed Highways. Mayrise: Llanbadoc CC 023004 Gill Hazard has referred email re overgrown verges for the attention of MCC’s Landscape’s unit. LandscapeUnit@monmouthshire.gov.uk. Email received 14/10 from Rachel Powell - I have been informed by grounds maintenance that this has been added to their programme of works.   
10.  Planning Ms Julie Barratt of Beech Tree Farm House, Glascoed who is shortly to retire as a barrister specialising in town and country planning matters.  She has offered to give our council any help/advice in these areas.   

10.1 MCC Planning Committee Meeting Tuesday 4th October – Orchard House refused.   

10.2 Planning Applications   

Application number: DC/2016/01091 Application Type: Planning Permission Description of proposal: Continued use of land for parking of 22 no. articulated lorry trailers Location: Morgan’s of Usk Limited (B), Woodside Trading Industrial Estate, Woodside, Llanbadoc NP15 1SS   VOTE: 2 for, 3 against, 1 abstain: Recommend Refusal ACTION: Clerk Done 11/10   Comments 1. The Community Council believe the land was originally intended for light industrial use, which this does not appear to be. 2. Temporary use has now become permanent 3. It's not just lorry parking, but loading and unloading steel - noise and disruption  
Application number: DC/2016/00955 Application Type: Planning Permission Description of proposal: Kitchen extension to replace car port. Location: Llangronwin, Llanbadoc, Usk NP15 1TL   VOTE: 6 for, 0 against, 0 abstain: Recommend Approval ACTION: Clerk Done 11/10   

Application Number:  DC/2016/01002 Application Type: Planning Permission Description of Proposal: Change of use of former railway line to public footpath/cycle track. Location: Section of former Railway Line, Glascoed Lane, Nr Glascoed.   JS and JW to meet with UTAG for more information – Council members approved to delegate the response to JS and JW, following a meeting with UTAG members. ACTION: Clerk 11/10 emailed JW and JS to remind that response needs to be submitted before 24th October   

10.3 MCC Enforcement Cases (confidential) MCC report received on 06/09/16 - No new or closed cases on the list MCC report received on 04/10/16 - 1 closed and 1 new case for Monkswood   

11.  Finance         
  • Copy of accounts circulated by email in advance of meeting, no queries         
  • Passbook balance – £15,051.21 confirmed and signed by the chair          
  • £1495.47 Salary July-Sept 2016 payable to MCC proposed HJ & seconded SW ACTION: Clerk Done 06/10, posted 11/10          
  • £35.20 Clerks expenses (September 2016) proposed JW & seconded SW ACTION: Clerk Done 06/10         
  • £220.00 400 newsletters and 400 leaflets – Designer Print proposed JS & seconded JC ACTION: Clerk Done 06/10, posted 11/10         
  • 35 bags of concrete - £175 plus VAT, as approved on 04/05/16 – invoice required DEFFERED       
  • LJ has been in touch with BT, who will present to Llanbadoc Community Council on rural broadband  Remind everyone, please respond to emails from the clerk that require a response   
13.  Date of next meeting – Wednesday 2nd November 2016   Meeting closed at 8.30pm   
Yours faithfully,     Olivia Beaumont, Clerk
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