Minutes 2016-11-02 Llanbadoc Community Council
posted on Fri Dec 09 2016, 02:11PM
by Olivia Beaumont
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                                                             Llanbadoc Community Council 
  Clerk: Olivia Beaumont, The Glade, Trostrey, Usk NP15 1JH. Tel. 01291 673515 email. clerk@llanbadoc.org 
Minutes of meeting held on 2nd November 2016 6.30pm, County Hall, The Rhadyr, Usk.   

Present: Cllr. John Wright (JW), Cllr. Peter Clarke (PC), Cllr. Jo Storey (JS), Cllr. Jenny Carpenter (JC), Cllr. Steve Waring (SW)   

Members of the public: 1 member of the public   

1.    Apologies for absence Cllr. Mark Reardon, Cllr. Hilary Jones, Cllr. James Lawrence and County Councillor Val Smith     

Did not attend: Laura Jones   

2.    Declarations of interest Planning Matters - Cllr. Peter Clarke has previously declared a personal and prejudicial interest in this item under the member’s code of conduct, due to his position on the Planning Board of Monmouthshire County Council.   

3.    Police Report – No report received   

4.    Report from County Councillor Val Smith – No report   

5.    Meeting adjourned and members of the public invited to speak   A Woodside resident spoke of The MCC Strong Communities Select Community they attended, and didn’t feel the minutes accurately addressed the meeting and do justice to the debate. Next meeting of the MCC Strong Communities Select Committee will be held on 10th November, how can the Woodside residents re-engage?  Cllr. Peter Clarke proposed asking Cllr. Val Smith to query the minutes.  Cllr. John Wright proposed asking Cllr. Val smith what is happening with the proposed meeting with Paul Keeble.  Cllr. Jenny Carpenter raised the forthcoming Workshop with MCC, where Mr Hamilton-Baille will lead a full day’s workshop to discuss the issues of HGV’s in Usk, this is to be held on Tuesday 15th November. Cllr. Peter Clarke said how important it would be to have representation from Llanbadoc Community Council. Cllr. Laura Jones has been asked, although no response as yet.  14/11 Confirmed HJ and JC would attend, Clerk contacted Paul Keeble who confirmed other matters could be raised as an open agenda   Guest Speaker – Tracey Thomas, Enterprise Directorate, Monmouthshire County Council   A4 handout provided to all present (Clerk has additional copies)   MCC Team exploring options looking at moving services from the local authority because of financial pressures and funding cuts, how these services can be sustained in the future. MCC are looking to save £14m over next 4 years and starting the engagement process by sharing the journey with Town and Community Councils.  Councillors are encouraged to read further information and papers associated with this piece of work:   http://democracy.monmouthshire.gov.uk/ieListDocuments.aspx?Cid=144&Mid=949&Ver=4    

6.    Adoption of minutes – Wednesday 5th October 2016 proposed by JS, seconded by JC, all present in agreement   

7.    Clerks Report – Please see full correspondence list.   
The 2018 Review of Parliamentary Constituencies in Wales initial proposal. Report published on 13 September 2016 and is available on the commissioner’s website: www.bcomm-wales.gov.uk Representations about the initial proposals should be made within 12 weeks of publication. The representation period will end on 5 December 2016.   Mark Drakeford AM Cabinet Secretary for Finance and Local Government in Wales has set out a very positive message that Community and Town Councils had a very important role to play in the future of public services provision and proposed an initial 8-point action plan for the local council sector in Wales. The 8 proposals to build resilience and renewal in Community and Town Councils. 
Correspondence received from Monkswood Resident requesting to clarify boundaries and responsibilities of the Community Council compared to Monkswood Estate Management. Asking whose responsibility is the metal white fencing along the main road.  Also asking for suggestions on how residents might be represented. The clerk replied on 19/10. Letter read to council members, satisfied with content. 
BDO on behalf of the auditor general for Wales has written to explain the invoice will be delayed 
GAVO's Annual Conference, AGM & Workshops 10th November 2016. Thursday 10th November 2016 – 10:00 – 16:00 (approx.) Christchurch Centre, Malpas Road, Newport NP20 5PP.                             

8.    Councillors Reports   

(Sub-Group) Procedural and Financial 
(Cllr. Hilary Jones, Cllr. Peter Clarke, Cllr. Jo Storey, Cllr. James Lawrence, Cllr. Jenny Carpenter)   
Reminder for requests for 2017/18 Budget by the end of November 
Next Procedural and Financial meeting Monday 5th December 2016 – 6.30pm, Glen-yr-Afon (agenda Model Financial Regulations)   

(Sub-Group) Environment 
(Cllr. John Wright, Cllr. Mark Reardon, Cllr. Steve Waring, Cllr. Hilary Jones, Cllr. James Lawrence)  
Environment Group Meeting held on 6th October – Minutes circulated 
Review reports from Tree Surgeon – Trostra common: The Pathcare Group have completed the first 6-12 months of recommended work. 
Update from Morris’s of Usk re. recommendations for triangle of land in Woodside – ACTION: SW to chase ·     
Contract Control – ACTION: SW – completed, awaiting JW signature 
Litter bin in Glascoed – JW met with Dewi Lane of MCC, he has agreed to supply and empty a litter bin in Glascoed, for a 6-month trial period. ACTION: Clerk Confirm at no cost to the community council 
Septic tank discharge in Glascoed – JW has visited the site and sees no problem at present, will monitor the situation 
Grass cutting contracts 2017/18 – Glascoed play area, Glascoed Commons, Llanbadoc Island – ask MCC, Stephen Brace (JW) and Green fingers for a quote for 2017. ACTION: Clerk 
Insurance for Volunteers – A member of the public has shown an interest in joining the volunteer path care group, JW to meet. Ask Insurers if there is appropriate training and safety equipment can a Chain Saw be used under the insurance ACTION: Clerk Cover 6 volunteers 
Usk Valley walk – Signage re. litter - ongoing 
Walks leaflets are printed and ready for distribution   

(Sub-Group) Website 
(Cllr. John Wright, Cllr. Steve Waring, Cllr. Laura Jones, Cllr. Jenny Carpenter and Cllr. James Lawrence)            
Website Group meetings held on 18th October and 2nd November. 
Update Council meeting photograph - deferred 
Newsletter publish on website – link ready to go 
MCC statement about Usk Island to publish in full on website   

Central Monmouthshire Rural Forum Meeting 6th October 2016, Raglan School 7pm   

Rural Lottery Programme Meeting 3rd November 10am Bridges Centre – LJ and MR to attend? Contact Alan Brown (Llangybi CC) for update in no representation from LCC.   

Planning Aid Wales Training 17th November 2016, 18:30 – 21:00. Location: Little Mill Village Hall, Berthon Road, Pontypool - JW attending   

Charing Skills Workshop – Requested a place for Cllr. Hilary Jones 21/11/2016 at Undy Church and Community Hall (place previously paid for 13/06/16 was cancelled by OVW). Follow up – ACTION: Clerk. Done place confirmed and HJ notified   

One Voice Wales – Monmouth and Newport Area Committee meeting – 20th October 7pm, Raglan School – attended by JS, notes provided. Meeting minutes circulated on 2/11/16.  Send best practice cases to OVW – lead community access group. ACTION: Clerk Cllr. Steve Waring to confirm information     

Traffic concerns in Usk Workshop (HGV issues) – 15th November, Sessions House 9.30am – 3.45pm – Need representation – confirmed on 14/11 HJ and JC   

HMPS Community Liaison Meeting – 7th November, Christine Marchant, new management co-ordinator for Usk and Prescoed – Awaiting agenda. HJ and Val to attend   Cluster Group Meeting – 28th November 6-8pm Usk County Hall Conference Room – MR and JL attended previously ACTION: Clerk to confirm if they will both attend   

9.    Matters Arising 
a.       The clerk and HJ met with Tony Kear 12th October (Usk in Bloom) - £200 donation agreed - discharged 
b.      Ownership and responsibility of Usk Island confirmed - discharged 
c.       Notification of removal of BT phone box in Glascoed – no further action by LCC, VS pursing retention of service 
d.      MCC Stronger Communities minutes now published – discharged 
e.      Fete at Glascoed Pub Site - Community Event – LJ - deferred 
f.        Woodside residents meeting with Paul Keeble – Awaiting VS 
g.       2016 Grass Cutting - £800 agreed at previous meeting to maintain Llanbadoc Island & Glascoed Commons (£240 & £216 expected invoices from MCC for Llanbadoc Island) – discharged   
h.      Monkswood path to BAE Systems to Cefn Mawr Lane – on MCC programme of works - discharged 
i.         MCC confirmed that Litter picking in and around Prioress Mill Lane responsibility of Coleg Gwent - discharged 
j.        Presentation by BT on rural broadband – Awaiting LJ   

10.  Planning   

10.1 MCC Planning Committee Meeting   

10.2 Planning Applications   

a.    Application Number:  DC/2016/00807   Application Type: Planning Permission Description of Proposal: Proposed new garage Location: Ty Dowlais, Cwm Dowlais Farm, Yew Tree Road, Llanbadoc NP15 1TP 

b.    Application Number:  DC/2016/00810   Application Type: Planning Permission Description of Proposal: Proposed new garage Location: Cwm Bach, Cwm Dowlais Farm, Yew Tree Road, Llanbadoc NP15 1TP   

c.     Application Number:  DC/2016/00812   Application Type: Planning Permission Description of Proposal: Proposed new garage Location: Mill Barn, Cwm Dowlais Farm, Yew Tree Road, Llanbadoc NP15 1TP   
In relation to the above 3 planning applications DC/2016/00807, DC/2016/00810 and DC/2016/00812   Vote Results - Refusal: 3 For: 1 Abstain: 1 Recommendation to refuse   
Comments Concerned at over development of area with 3 garages at Cwm Dowlais Farm. Recognise neighbour’s comments with increased traffic   ACTION: Clerk Done 09/11   

Application Number:  DC/2016/01082        
Application Type: Planning Permission Description of Proposal: Proposed first floor extension to dwelling. Location: 2 New Cottages, A472 Little Henrhiw to the Island, Rhadyr, Llanbadoc NP15 1PY    
Previously approved   

Application Number:  DC/2016/01136        
Application Type: Planning Permission Description of Proposal: Conversion of existing barn into a single dwelling. Location: Lower Prescoed Farm, Caerderri, Prescoed NP15 1PS   4 in favour – Recommendation Approval   

Application Number: DC/2016/01047         
Application Type: Planning Permission Description of Proposal: 2 storey side extension to existing property. Location: Estavarney Farm Cottage, Monkswood, Usk NP15 1QE   4 in favour – Recommendation Approval   

10.3 MCC Enforcement Cases (confidential)    

11. Finance 
a. Copy of accounts circulated by email in advance of meeting – no queries 
b. A review of council spending against 2016/2017 budget, the clerk provided a detailed report pf the councils current finances, and looked at expenditure against budget under each budget heading. 
c. No areas of concern were raised.  
d. Passbook balance – £13,300.54 confirmed and signed by the chair, JW 
e. £60.45 £35.20 Clerks expenses plus £25.25 Stationary items (receipt dated 24/10) PC, JW – banked 14/11/16 
f.  £32.27 Cllr. John Wright – Reimbursement of PAW Course – How to respond effectively to planning applications. PC, SW – In folder for next meeting 
g. £300 Designer Print - 200 x 5 2pp folded walks leaflets JW & JC – posted 14/11/16 
h. £200 Donation to Usk in Bloom – PC & SW – to be hand delivered, awaiting address   
12.  Any Other Business (at the discretion of the chairman)   
a.       Issue with email responses 
b.      Ask MCC to take down cycling signs 
c.       UTAG planning application 
d.      BHP Usk Town Council contributing 50% commission to consultants – ACTION – could Woodside be looked at. – done 14/11 Paul Keeble confirmed open agenda   

13.  Date of next meeting – Wednesday 7th December 2016   
There being no further business the meeting closed at 20.23   
Yours faithfully,     
Olivia Beaumont, Clerk
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