Minutes 2016-12-07 Llanbadoc Community Council
posted on Fri Dec 09 2016, 02:13PM
by Olivia Beaumont
[ Edited Thu Jan 05 2017, 11:17AM ]

 Clerk: Olivia Beaumont, The Glade, Trostrey, Usk NP15 1JH. Tel. 01291 673515 email. clerk@llanbadoc.org 
Minutes of meeting held on 7th December 2016 6.30pm, County Hall, The Rhadyr, Usk   

Present: Cllr. Hilary Jones (HJ), Cllr. John Wright (JW), Cllr. Jenny Carpenter (JC), Cllr. Mark Reardon (MR), Cllr. Laura Jones (LJ), Cllr. James Lawrence (JL), Cllr. Jo Storey (JS), Cllr. Steve Waring (SW)   

Members of the public: PC1233 Peter Evans and PCSO Chris Watkins, County Cllr. Val Smith (VS) and 1 member of the public 

1.     Apologies for absence: Cllr. Peter Clarke (another commitment)   

2.     Declarations of interest Planning Matters - Cllr. Peter Clarke has previously declared a personal and prejudicial interest in this item under the member’s code of conduct, due to his position on the Planning Board of Monmouthshire County Council. 

3.     Police Report  
  • PC 1233 Peter Evans gave a summary of the crime report for the Llanbadoc Ward, received by email on 07/12 and circulated by the clerk to council members.
  • The 2 local Police Officers in attendance provided an update on the Traffic Issues at Woodside, Llanbadoc.  They have been in touch with the Gwent Police ‘Go Safe’ team, and registered a speed complaint form, in relation to concerns about speeding in Woodside, The Go Safe team will then investigate the viability of the use of ‘Golden River’ a covert speed monitoring system.
4.     Report from County Councillor Val Smith   
  •   Results from survey of Woodside residents, 18 out of 37 responded to survey – Speed concerns, support for a footbridge – divided opinion, as concerns about lorries. – Working Group to be set up ·         Roger Hoggins, MCC Officer is happy to deliver training and materials for highway maintenance to be completed by community volunteers – ACTION: JW to contact in relation to surfacing the car park at Llanbadoc Island. 
  •   VS Would like to identify areas that Llanbadoc foot path care group have completed work on, to promote to the local community. ACTION: HJ 
  •   Proposal by Welsh Water to improve the raw water pumping station at Prioress Mill – Public exhibition of proposals, and 3D computer generated model on December 13th at Glascoed Pub ·         Roger Morgan would cut common at Glascoed for no cost, and take cut grass away. ACTION: VS to provide contact details for Roger Morgan to the clerk so this may be investigated if viable before any agreement to proceed. 
·         VS attending MCC scrutiny meetings – members of the public should attend, useful information ·         VS attended the following meetings - HMPS Prison Liaison Meeting, BAE meeting about the cycle path, Principal of Gwent College very supportive of cycle path, Monmouth Cluster meeting, Usk Town Council workshop on how to resolve traffic issues delivered by Ben Hamilton-Baillie. Usk CIW School Governors AGM, ABUHB Scrutiny meeting.   The chair thanked County Councillor Val Smith for her time.   

5.     Meeting adjourned and members of the public invited to speak   
A member of the public who attended the MCC Strong Communities Select Committee meeting felt the minutes were very weak and did not robustly record the actions to be taken from the meeting. IN particular where a local resident has offered to fund a speed camera for the area. Would like to know what is happening with this proposal. County Cllr. Val Smith is the Vice Chair of this committee and noted the comments made by the resident. The resident confirmed that he will be attending the next MCC Strong Communities at 10am on 8th December 2016 and will report back to Llanbadoc Community Council.      
A member of the public raised their concerns on what they interpreted as ‘change of use’ for a parcel of land near to Usk Island Car park.  It was mentioned that development has started, and local hearsay is that it is going to be a ‘container park’ (shipping containers??).   Llanbadoc Community Council confirmed that they are not aware of any planning applications for this site. ACTION: clerk to report to MCC Planning for investigation and feedback Done 08/12/16   
A member of the public asked if Llanbadoc Community Council were aware of the meeting in Usk about increase in business rates, the chair confirmed that she is fully aware, and as she was unable to attend is waiting for a full report from the meeting from a representative that attended. LJ also confirmed that lots of representations were made, and AM Nick Ramsay is following these up.    
A member of the public asked for an update from the workshop hosted by Usk Town Council on Traffic concerns in Usk – HJ and JC attended to represent Llanbadoc Community Council. Feedback comments were that it was a well-attended and very informative and inspiring presentation by Ben Hamilton-Baillie, an urban designer and movement specialist, described as "the leading international expert on the development of shared space.”  JC and HJ are now on the Usk HGV Committee.    
A member of the public reported that traffic was gridlocked in Usk on Friday night, due to the full closure of the Square for the Usk Christmas Festival, with large lorries and school buses negotiating diversions through the small lanes in Usk. The resident suggested volunteers help in future years with high vis jackets. Would be very willing to help if asked, as see the benefits of the Usk Christmas Festival. ACTION: Clerk to pass this on to Christmas market organisers http://uskmarketsandfestivals.co.uk/ / info@uskmarketsandfestivals.co.uk  Done 08/12/16   Community Police work on a shift pattern and were on a rest day – Resident suggested if police could be present in future years. Noted by police present.   A member of the public commented on traffic congestion in Usk, especially by the Chip Shop. The Police officers in attendance confirmed that parking outside the chip shop in Usk, naturally slows down the traffic and makes the area safer.   The chair thanked the members of public including police representatives for their time and contribution to the meeting.   

6.     Adoption of minutes – The minutes of the meeting held on Wednesday 2nd November 2016 were proposed by JW and seconded by SW, all present in agreement and signed by the chair ACTION: Clerk to publish minutes within working 3 days of the meeting. JC agreed to assist   

7.     Clerks Report – Please see full correspondence list.  
  •  Laminated posters with contact details from Nick Ramsay AM – Councillors taken for display on Community noticeboards 
  • Play for Wales – Issue 47, Autumn 2016 – Taken by LJ 
  • Welsh Water – Publicity and Consultation before applying for Planning permission to Improvement plans to Raw Water Pumping Station at Prioress Mill Lane – Information available for inspection at MCC, County Hall, The Rhadyr Usk NP15 1GA. MR has reviewed the application, much larger, 18 months – 2 years to complete, residents meeting being held, also consultation at Glascoed Pub, as part of legislation public consultation process. Biggest project in Wales for Welsh Water.  JW asked if there will there be a section 106 agreement / Community Infrastructure levy – ACTION: MR to pursue and raise at residents meeting. ACTION: Clerk to confirm time scale for representations to be made. Done 08/12/16 - contacted David Jones at Arcadis, the agent – Date 20th December 2016, Lucy Barnett, Public Relations for Welsh Water will be giving me a call to extend an invite to Llanbadoc Community Council to attend the event being held on Tuesday 13th December at The Glascoed Pub 3pm – 6.30pm, Mark asked to attend - circulated to full council for reply
  • GWT magazine November 2016 - Taken by MR   
8.     Councillors Reports   

(Sub-Group) Procedural and Financial (Cllr. Hilary Jones, Cllr. Peter Clarke, Cllr. Jo Storey, Cllr. James Lawrence, Cllr. Jenny Carpenter)    The Procedural and Financial Sub Group met on 05/12/2016 
  1. The clerk presented a report to the council detailing the recommendations from that meeting, this included the budget planning proposals in a spreadsheet detailing individual spending headings, the proposed total budget and precept request for 2017-2018, and rationale. 
  2. The chair asked for approval for the budget – this was proposed by JW, and seconded by LJ
  3. The chair asked for approval for the Precept request – this was proposed by JC, and seconded by LJ 
Obligations for volunteer insurance to be valid –  Risk assessments to satisfy insurers, the clerk has circulated the information from Zurich in relation the Town and Community Council policy and cover for volunteers. ACTION: JW and SW to produce risk assessments for each activity, ensure Health and Safety guidelines are met and all relevant training has been met.   JW proposed that a business plan of several years is required for council financial planning to ensure the completion of annual objectives, whilst keeping longer-term goals in mind.  The Procedural and Financial group noted this.   The chair thanked the clerk for work on the budget (Sub-Group) Environment (Cllr. John Wright, Cllr. Mark Reardon, Cllr. Steve Waring, Cllr. Hilary Jones, Cllr. James Lawrence)  
  • Attended to the recommendations of the Broadway Tree report 
  • Zurich Insurance cover for volunteers – SW and JW to write a generic risk assessment 
  • LCC Path Care Group Monmouthshire Volunteer Achievement Awards – Highly Commended – congratulated by the chair. 
  • SW has contacted Tom Morris awaiting advice for planting in Woodside 
  • Bin Installed now installed at Glascoed Lane on a 6-month trial with MCC 
  • SW has completed the contract control records for the Twyn Y Cryn Tree Surgery work completed earlier this year. Passed to the clerk for record keeping.   
(Sub-Group) Website (Cllr. John Wright, Cllr. Steve Waring, Cllr. Laura Jones, Cllr. Jenny Carpenter and Cllr. James Lawrence)   
  • The Sub-Group met on 30/11/2016, the website was updated and the following actions agreed:      
  • To arrange monthly meetings 3pm on second Tuesday of month to keep the website up to date – next meeting 10th Jan 2017 at SW’s house at 3pm ·        
  • To contact Johan to update photos on the ‘banner’ of the web page, photographs for the wards and to add a link for the 2016 newsletter ·        
  • MCC emails to read MCC links (not emails) - SW ·        
  • JW to update photo of council – Taken today at the LCC meeting ·        
  • £300 2016/2017 Budget request – confirmed as agreed 
Planning Aid Wales Training ‘Making effective comments on planning applications’ held on 17th November 2016, 18:30 – 21:00. JW attended, report circulated 29/11/16 ·        
  • JW requested that the clerk contact PAW facilitator of course to receive the power point presentation notes to circulate to full council ACTION: Clerk – Done 08/12/16          
  • JW Proposed the creation of a ‘Planning sub-group’ – Seconded by HJ, all council members present in agreement ACTION: JW to arrange a date and time between the publication of the agenda and LCC monthly meetings for interested members to meet at County Hall to review the planning applications and make a recommendation to full council at the monthly council meeting.          
  • JW requested a hard copy of the LDP – ACTION: Clerk – pass hard copy to JW HJ also raised concerns that planning was a later agenda item, to review running order of agenda ACTION: Procedural Group. The clerk explained that MCC are looking to withdraw from mailing hard copies of planning applications to consultees as a cost saving.  
OVW Charing Skills Workshop – 21st November, HJ attended, de-briefing meeting held on 05/12 with JW (Vice Chair) and the clerk
Usk Town Traffic Workshop (HGV issues) – 15th November, Sessions House 9.30am – 3.45pm – attended by JC and HJ, as reported above.  Email to Tracey Huxley thanking Usk Town Council for hosting the workshop. LCC were pleased to be invited to join HGV sub group, confirm that Cllr. Alec Leathwood has been able to pass on email addresses. ACTION: Clerk Done 08/12/16 
HMPS Community Liaison Meeting – 7th November, Christine Marchant, new management co-ordinator for Usk and Prescoed – HJ attended.  Usk Prison now solely for sex offenders, new management co-ordinator, lots of information on Clink restaurant, Cascade list needs to be reviewed, Mike Faraday to be replaced by JC ACTION: HJ 
Usk Cluster Meeting – Monday 28th November. Hosted by Kellie Beirne, Deputy chief Ex. MCC and attended by JC and
 HJ.  Lack of Communication and Trust were main issues raised by Town and Community Councils about the County Council.  Broadband and Mobile Phone signal problematic in rural areas.   

9.     Matters Arising                                               
  1. Email Communication – Clerk to note ‘Reply Required’ on subject heading where a response is required     
  2. Request for a copy of the Electoral Register 2016/2017 – All councillors present completed and returned to the clerk       
  3. Community Event – Fete at Glascoed Pub – Defer to next month’s agenda ACTION: Clerk Done 08/12/16   
10.  Planning   
10.1 MCC Planning Committee Meeting Held on Tuesday 6th December
10.2 Planning Applications   Appeal Ref: E6840/A /16/3162841                   
 Planning Application: DC/2015/00938     Appeal By: Mr & Mrs L Warner                   
 Appeal Start Date: 16 November 2016                   
 Application Type: FULL Description of Proposal: Demolition of existing dwelling and detached Garage. Erection of replacement dwelling and detached Garage. Relocation of existing vehicular access. Location: Orchard House, Llanbadoc, Usk NP15 1TE   
  • LJ passed the clerk a copy of the objections she had received from a neighbour that he had submitted to the Planning Inspectorate.  This was noted. ·         
  • All councillors in agreement that no further response from LCC would be forward to the planning inspectorate in relation to this application as nothing further to add to the original submission to MCC planning Dept.  
 Application Number:  DC/2016/01237   Application Type: Planning Permission Description of Proposal: Single storey extension to rear. Location: Cefn Illa Lodge, Llanbadoc, Usk NP15 1PR               
Request extension ACTION: Clerk Done 08/12/16 
10.3 MCC Enforcement Cases (confidential) none to report  

Finance ·         
  • Copy of accounts circulated by email in advance of meeting, review against budget – no queries 
  • Passbook balance – £12,707.82 confirmed and signed by the chair         
  • -£35.20 Clerks expenses – proposed by JS and seconded by SW          
  • - £458.24 Zurich Insurance Renewal – 14th December 2016 – proposed by JW and seconded by SW
  • -£74.58 Merlin Waste (22 collections between 07/12/2015 to 03/10/2016) – proposed by JW and seconded by JL        
  • - £6.78 Merlin Waste (2 collections 12th and 26th December 2016) – proposed by JW and seconded by JL         
  • £207.85 Received from BT Open Reach Wayleave Payment   
11.  Any Other Business (at the discretion of the chairman)   For future meetings, this item will be referred to as: Any items for the future agenda   ·         
Access to sports facilities – LJ ACTION: Clerk Done 08/12/16
12.  Date of next meeting – Wednesday 4th January 2017   There being no further business the meeting closed at 20.22   
Yours faithfully,     Olivia Beaumont, Clerk
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