Minutes 2016-05-04 AGM of Llanbadoc Community Council
posted on Mon May 15 2017, 01:10PM
by Jenny Carpenter

Minutes of The Annual General Meeting
held at 6:00pm on Wednesday 4th May 2016 at County Hall, Usk
Present: Cllr. Mike Faraday, Cllr. Steve Waring, Cllr. Hilary Jones, Cllr. John Wright, Cllr. Peter Clarke, Cllr. Mark Reardon, Cllr. Jo Storey and Cllr. James Lawrence.
Members of the public: None
1. Apologies for absence – Cllr. Laura Jones 
2. Minutes of AGM meeting held on Wednesday 6th May 2015 – Cllr. Mike Faraday asked the council if it was their wish that he sign the minutes.  All in attendance agreed that they were a true and accurate recording of the meeting and the minutes were duly signed. 
3. Chairman’s Remarks – report from Cllr. Mike Faraday – see appendix 1.
4. Election of Chairman – The clerk took over the meeting and asked for nominations for the post of chairman.  Cllr. John Wright nominated Cllr. Hilary Jones and this was seconded by Cllr. Steve Waring.  There being no other nominations, Cllr. Hilary Jones accepted the position of chairman with immediate effect.  Declaration of Acceptance of Office was signed.
5. Election of Vice-Chairman – Cllr. Hilary Jones asked for nominations for the post of vice chair.  Cllr. Mark Reardon nominated Cllr. John Wright and this was seconded by Cllr. Jo Storey.  There being no other nominations, Cllr. John Wright accepted the position of Vice Chairman with immediate effect. Declaration of Acceptance of Office was signed.
6. Declarations of acceptance of office – Signed as above
7. Review signatories on Bank Account
Cllr. Mike Faraday to be removed as resigning from the council
Cllr. Hilary Jones to be added to account as additional signatory
Remaining Signatories:
Cllr. John Wright
Cllr. Steve Waring
Cllr. Mark Reardon
Cllr. Jo Storey
8. Review of delegation to committees / sub-groups – As set out in the standing orders
9. Review of terms of reference of committees / sub-groups – As set out in the Standing orders
10. Nominations to committees / sub-groups
Cllr. James Lawrence to be added to environment group
Sub-Group members for 2016/17 are follows:
Procedural and Financial
Cllr. Hilary Jones
Cllr. Peter Clarke
Cllr. Jo storey
Cllr. James Lawrence
Cllr. Hilary Jones
Cllr. John Wright
Cllr. Mark Reardon
Cllr. Steve Waring
Cllr. James Lawrence
Cllr. Hilary Jones
Cllr. John Wright
Cllr. Steve Waring
Cllr. Laura Jones
Cllr. Hilary Jones
Cllr. John Wright
Cllr. Jo storey 
Cllr. Steve Waring
11. Appointment of any new committees / sub-groups - none
12. Review and adoption of appropriate Standing Orders, Internal Control and Financial Regulations
Financial control / procedural group to meet to review Standing Orders, Internal Control and Financial Regulation 
13. Review of effectiveness of Internal Control – 
To call a ‘Policy and Procedure’ meeting for attendance by full council 
14. Appointment of internal auditor for next 12 months
The council appointed John Turner to continue as the internal auditor for Llanbadoc Community council to complete the 2015/16 Audit and be the internal auditor for the 2016/17 year – Approved payment of £50.00 for this service.
15. Review contracts of employment – Review at next council meeting on 1st June 
16. Review of Inventory - assets including land 
finance sub-group meeting
17. Review of confirmation of Insurance cover – Cover currently with Zurich, policy 14th December 2015-13th December 2016. Premium £354.96.  To be reviewed with item 16. Inventory of assets
18. Confirmation of councillors Register of Interests – All councillors present confirmed their completion and agreed to the publication on the council website
19. Financial Statement for year 2015/16 – A copy of the accounts was distributed to all councillors present. The end of year passbook balance was confirmed by Cllr. Hilary Jones. Formal adoption of accounts was proposed by Cllr Peter Clarke seconded by Cllr. Steve Waring.  All present in agreement.
20. Training – review and requests – 
Cllr. Hilary Jones requested to attend the ‘Chairing Skills’ course
There being no further business the meeting closed at 18.39
Appendix 1.
Chairman’s Report 2015 - 2016
We continue to strive to represent and communicate with our communities - Llanbadoc, Glascoed and Monkswood, through our website, the noticeboards, Facebook and personal contacts.
The Path care section of the Environment group has worked on improving footpaths, and in doing this has involved others in the community. The group has also been instrumental, with Welsh Water and Monmouthshire County Council, in creating the sign-posted reservoir trail around Llandegfedd Reservoir, which is proving to be a popular amenity. An extension to Walk No. 6 around Cefn Ila came to fruition with the aid of The Woodland Trust.
Work has been done on the woodland areas of our commons to ensure the safety of the trees. This of course involves expense for professional services.
Some commons and footpaths still suffer from the occasional use by scramble bikes, which had been prevented until the Open Spaces Society required that the protection of gates be removed, to ensure easier access by invalid carriages. That invalid carriages could not use paths torn up by the bikes was deemed to be irrelevant. There is hope that this problem can be resolved with the help of MCC.
Incidents of the stealing of wood from the wooded areas have hopefully been closed, with the assistance of the police.
After many years of discussions, the A472 has had improved road markings to improve road safety on dangerous stretches. Speed limits remain the same but are being reviewed.  There are still concerns at excessive speed in some sections, and also in Rumble Street, especially when road closures cause traffic to make unauthorised diversions through narrow lanes.
The Website group is mostly involved in maintaining the website and Facebook© pages, and also issued a newsletter, delivered to all residences, in summer 2014, with a pull-out contacts reference sheet for residents to keep handy.
The Procedures Group, now combined with the Finance Group, is still working on Standing Orders and Financial Control, with the Ombudsman’s recommendations proving difficult to interpret at the level of our size of Community Council.
There is also issue of the role and make-up of Community Councils. Devolvement of some roles now undertaken at County Council level is probable. Proposals have been made to enlarge Community Council areas to allow for this devolvement, and this would mean that Community Councils would have to represent a much larger area, with a much larger budget to administer. We are following the Welsh Government’s development of this.
We now have a vacancy on the Council, following the resignation, because of work commitments, of Cllr. Lee Jones, who has served on the Council for a number of years, including in the role of Chairman. We thank him for his contribution. 
Finally, I would like to thank all of our Councillors for their continued enthusiasm and hard work, and our Clerk, Olivia Beaumont, who is proving to be an asset to the council and community.
D M Faraday, Chairman 
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