Minutes 2017-05-10 Llanbadoc Community Council
posted on Thu Jun 08 2017, 10:49AM
by Jenny Carpenter

Clerk: Olivia Beaumont, The Glade, Trostrey, Usk NP15 1JH. Tel. 01291 673515 email. email
Minutes of meeting of Llanbadoc Community Council held on Wednesday 10th May 2017 
Present: Cllr Hilary Jones (HJ), Cllr. John Wright (JW), Cllr. Jenny Carpenter (JC), Cllr. Mark Reardon (MR), Cllr. Jo Storey (JS), Cllr. James Lawrence (JL), Cllr. Peter Sutherland (PS) and Cllr. Steve Waring (SW)
Members of the Public: 1 resident and County Councillor Val Smith
1. Apologies for absence: Cllr. Peter Clarke (PC) and Rhydian EVANS Pc1233. (Neighbourhood Ward Manager, Monmouthshire Neighbourhood Policing Team)
2. Declarations of interest:  Planning Matters - Cllr. Peter Clarke has previously declared a personal and prejudicial interest in this item under the member’s code of conduct, due to his position on the Planning Committee of Monmouthshire County Council. 
DC/2017/00473 Steve Waring 
3. Police Report – Emailed 10th May 2017 and read by the Chair
GWENT Police Report for LLANBADOC Ward area, (which includes LLANBADOC Community Council and GWEHELOG-FAWR Community Council). 
During this period there have been 27 x Reports to GWENT Police of differing nature, including reports of Anti-Social Behaviour and Crime, to Concerns for Welfare and Road Related Incidents.
On 02/04/17, report received from an agricultural holding on TROSTRA Road, GLASCOED, that a bright orange ‘KABUTA’ Agricultural utility vehicle, had been stolen overnight. Local enquiries made, no witnesses or CCTV. Vehicle still circulated as stolen.
Also on 02/04/17, report received of off-road bikes on PERGOED LANE, GLASCOED. Area search made with a negative result. Reports also received of ASB / Suspected drug use, in the area of LLANDEGVETH Reservoir. Targeted patrols to be conducted in the future.
On 05/04/17, report received of an unattended motor vehicle having been broken into on OAK RIDGE, LLANBADOC during that afternoon. Handbag stolen from within, together with approximately £100 Cash. No CCTV or witnesses.
Several reports received during this period of various scams, or attempted frauds. These can vary from phone calls from a supposed Service Provider requesting access to your computer, to tele sales attempting to sell items direct at over inflated prices. Members of the public are advised to treat any such calls with caution, and never to provide personal details, passwords, or PIN details should they be requested. If in doubt, ask for the assistance of a trusted 3rd party, or should you suspect that you have fallen victim to a fraud, contact ‘Action Fraud’, or if happening at the time, call GWENT Police on either ‘999’ or ‘101’, dependent on the circumstances. 
Reports are still being received of vehicles acting suspiciously in rural wards throughout North MONMOUTHSHIRE. The motives for which can be varied, from poaching, to preparatory acts towards committing thefts at that time or in the near future.
GWENT Police ask that where possible and safe to do so, registration details and descriptions of the vehicles and occupants concerned are obtained, and passed to GWENT Police in a timely manner. Ideally using ‘101’ or ‘999’ dependent on the circumstances.
4. Report from County Councillor Val Smith
Congratulations from the chair on being re-elected. Really delighted to be re-elected.
• Parking at Woodside – Declared interest
• Traffic Issues raised – continue with working group
• Signage in a number of locations – Alexandra Terrace, Glascoed, Woodside
• Dog waste at BAE estate reported to MCC Chairman
• Council meeting next Thursday will determine duties of members
• Observations note a great deal of tidying up required within the ward – Bridge Parapet, Overgrown routes, Bus signage and Footway lost in Glascoed
5. Meeting adjourned and members of the public invited to speak
1 member of the public and County Councillor Val Smith 
Noticeboard at BAE systems Monkswood – Resident asked if it can it be removed ACTION: Environment Group
Google Groups – The chair confirmed awaiting password so everyone can email out – less than 20 residents currently, publicising community events. Work in progress.
Safety at cross roads at Glascoed – Give way sign from Coed y Paen, partially hidden – ACTION: JC Done - Clerk emailed MCC Highways with JC’s photos on 16/05
Received an email from a member of the public – deferred to planning discussions
6. Adoption of minutes – Wednesday 5th April 2017 – All in favour to approve ACTION: JC to publish emailed 15/05
7. Matters arising from recent correspondence
a. Usk Church in Wales Primary School – Position available, Minor Authority Representation on school governing bodies
b. Coleg Gwent – Consultation on development study for the Coleg Gwent Usk Campus have commissioned Martin Price and Alex Bird of Martin Price Associates to carry out this study and independently consult with local people and groups.  The council should hear from Martin and Alex shortly to share some thoughts and listen to views.
c. Sustrans – Develpoment of the walking and cycling network in Rural Wales – Usk to Pontypool – Staeholder survey – Completed and submitted by SW
d. Welsh Audit Office – Letter from Anthony Barrett, Assistant Auditor General, Future Governance Themes 
e. MCC Emergency Contact List – ACTION: Clerk Done emailed 16/05
f. OVW – Area committee meeting representatives – JS and MR – ACTION: Clerk Done emailed 16/05
g. Monmouthshire Building Society Annual Saving Statement
8. Planning
8.1 MCC Planning Committee Meeting 
8.2 Report from the LCC Planning sub group
a. See Appendix 1. 
b. JC and MR to attend PAW planning course - Monday, 12 June 2017 from 16:30 to 19:45  
Council Chamber, County Hall, The Rhadyr, NP15 1GA Usk United Kingdom 
c. The clerk confirmed that she had responded to the email from Mark Hand 11th Jan 2017, and put forward a nominated venue for any pre- application meetings.  Council members felt in light of recent activities this venue was currently not suitable. ACTION: Clerk To contact Mark Hand and withdraw nomination as suggested venue. Done 10/05
8.3 Planning Applications 
a. DC/2017/00401
Application Type: Planning Permission
Description of Proposal: Remove, dispose and replace pre-existing timber structure on a like for like basis.
Change of use to land marked on plans. Currently "Sports" to "Camping".
Location: Glascoed Pub (Royal Ordnance Sports Club), A472 Pantypwyddyn Farm to Little Henrhiw
Monkswood, NP15 1QE
i. The chair brought to the attention of the council an email from a member of the public the council had received relating to this application ACTION: Clerk to reply and update – Done emailed 16/05
ii.    Council members requested to speak to the planning officer to gain further information and ask for an extension to respond to this application.  ACTION: Clerk Done emailed 16/05 
b. DC/2017/00473
Application Type: Discharge of Condition
Description of Proposal: Discharge of conditions 4 (lighting), 6 (earthworks), 7 (sparrow terrace box), 8 (Green Infrastructure), 10 (Access), 11 (Construction Traffic Management Plan and Designated Access Route Plan) and 12 (hard and soft landscaping) of planning permission DC/2015/01136. 
Location: Fair Oak, Rumble Street, Monkswood, Usk.  NP15 1QG
Vote: 7 For, 1 Abstain. Recommendation: To approve ACTION: Clerk Done emailed 16/05 
8.4 MCC Enforcement Cases (confidential) 
New enforcement cases 01/04/17 – 30/04/17 showed 3 new cases within the ward, brought to the attention of council members. 
9. Finance 
• Copy of accounts circulated by email in advance of meeting
• Responsible Finance Officer Report, including review of the accounts and spending against budget – See Appendix 2
• Passbook balance £15,164.59 to be confirmed and signed by the chair
• £35.20 Clerks Expenses JW SW
• £547.20 Annual Grounds Maintenance Contract with MCC 2016/2017 – JC SW
• £1495.47 MCC invoice – JS SW
• £18.00 Postcrete receipt – payable to Cllr. John Wright – SW MR
• £195.00 Johan Klos Computing – 1 May 2017 Maintenance, Domain and webhosting per year and £15.00 Barclays Bank International payment charges.  Approval to pay £180 plus up to £20 bank Transfer expenses – Proposed JW and seconded JC  
• £6.78 Merlin Waste – April Collections – JW JL
All expenses to be actioned by the clerk Done 18/05/2017
10. Reports
(Sub-Group) Procedural and Financial (Cllr. Hilary Jones, Cllr. Peter Clarke, Cllr. Jo Storey, Cllr. James Lawrence, Cllr. Jenny Carpenter) 
• Meeting TBA – agenda – items from AGM
• Look at suggestions for new banking arrangements 
• Clerk contract
• Individual Councillor allowance
(Sub-Group) Environment (Cllr. John Wright, Cllr. Steve Waring, Cllr. Hilary Jones, Cllr. James Lawrence) 
a. Usk Park Equipment – Look at items condition (HJ and JW)
b. Cefn Ila Circular Walk Leaflet
Meeting postponed until next Tuesday 16th May 
Email Tim Bradfield about condition reports for play areas. ACTION: Clerk Done 10/05/2017, followed up on 30/05/2017
(Sub-Group) Website (Cllr. John Wright, Cllr. Steve Waring, Cllr. Jenny Carpenter and Cllr. James Lawrence) 
• Facebook course attended by JC
• Correspondence with Johan – refresh website and look at making meeting minutes easier to upload 
• Publication of Financial Report 
• Finance report going on website monthly – web group to investigate on Monday 
• Members Interests – publish on website
(Sub-Group) Community Event – Alternative venue, JC Suggested The Rugby Club in Usk   
One Voice Wales Meeting – Thursday 13th July, 7pm Sessions House in Usk – Cllr. Jo Storey to attend
9. Matters Arising 
12.  Matters to be considered for the next agenda (at the discretion of the chairman)
JS – Picnic table at Llanbadoc Island – Agenda ACTION: Clerk Done 30/05/2017
PS – Intrusive creeper – ACTION: Cllr. Peter Sutherland to email details
ACTION: Councillors to return completed Members Interests (HJ and MR completed and received today)
13.  Date of next meetings –Wednesday 7th June 2017 and Wednesday 5th July 2017 
There being no further business the meeting closed at 8.20pm
Yours faithfully, 
Olivia Beaumont, Clerk
Appendix 1. 
THOSE PRESENT :- Cllr J.Carpenter, Cllr H.Jones, Cllr J.Wright
1.APPLICATION NO: DC/2017/00473
Discharge of conditions of planning permission DC/2015/01136 Glamping Pods,Rumble Street, Monkswood.
The conditions refer to lighting ,earthworks, sparrow terrace box, green infrastructure, access, traffic management and landscaping. All these conditions would appear to have been properly addressed and we see no reason to object (or recommend refusal) and suggest that the MCC officers will (should) ensure that the conditions are indeed met.
2.APPLICATION NO: DC/2017/00401
Remove pre-existing timber structure and replace on a like for like basis Glascoed  Pub, Monkswood.
Request to speak to the planning officer to gain further information and ask for an extension to respond to this application.
3. It was noted that Mark Hand of MCC has (around Nov 2016) requested that we put forward a nominated venue for any pre- application meetings and we have not responded to date.
4.Copies of the Planning Application made by Usk Town Football Club (to the Welsh Assembly) to erect a removeable rail fence around their pitch (on Common land)have been checked and retained on file (JW). 
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