Minutes 2017-11-01 Llanbadoc Community Council
posted on Thu Nov 09 2017, 09:45AM
by Olivia Beaumont
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Minutes of meeting of Llanbadoc Community Council held at County Hall, Usk on 
Wednesday 1st November 2017
Present: Cllr. Hilary Jones (HJ), Cllr. Mark Reardon (MR), Cllr. John Wright (JW), Cllr. Jenny Carpenter (JC), Cllr. Peter Clarke (PC), Cllr. Jo Storey (JS), Cllr. Steve Waring (SW) and Cllr. James Lawrence (JL)
Members of the Public: 1
The chair handed the floor to Cllr. Steve Waring who advised that he will be resigning as Councillor for Llanbadoc Community Council, effective from the close of this meeting and therefore this will be his last meeting as Councillor. Cllr Waring stated that having served on the council for over 5 years, he was feeling it was time for a change. He reported that over the time he has served has councillor he had seen major improvements in several areas to which he had contributed.  These include: better keeping of records; pathcare; path leaflets; commons maintenance; A472 white lines; first community event; web site; and newsletters. He stated that he intends to keep his involvement with the pathcare group, and if the council wishes; to assist Cllr. John Wright regarding inspection of woodlands.
The Chair thanked Cllr. Waring for his contributions to the council. 
1. Apologies for absence: Cllr. Peter Sutherland
2. Declarations of interest from members:  Planning Matters - Cllr. Peter Clarke has previously declared a prejudicial interest in this item under the member’s code of conduct, due to his position on the Planning Committee of Monmouthshire County Council. 
3. Police Report: 
a. No police report for September and October 2017 received 
4. Meeting adjourned and members of the public invited to speak: (time for this session is at the discretion of the chair)
The member of public in attendance stated he was observing the meeting with a view to be interested in a Councillor position. The Chair welcomed his interest.   
5. Adoption of Minutes: The Chair moved to approve the minutes of meeting held on Wednesday 4th October 2017.  Approved by all present. ACTION: Clerk publish on website
6. Matters Arising from the Minutes / Current Business:
a. Relocation of Picnic Benches at Usk Island: The clerk has received correspondence from Andrew Mason, MCC – The proposal being to remove the offending benches at the end of the month, and try and firm up on the replacements during the next few months. MCC have made progress in acquiring new benches from local businesses as previously reported, however they want to get the right product and make sure the finished project is fit for purpose. ONGOING
b. Glascoed Commons grass cutting & Key holders – The clerk emailed Rachel Keeble on 10/10 to address the issue of MCC keyholders and use of keys, no reply as yet ACTION: Clerk to follow up. Council members requested the clerk obtain the revised figure for the reduced grass cutting completed by MCC in 2017, to ensure this figure can be correctly allocated when budget setting. ACTION: Clerk  
c. Speeding through Llanbadoc and Monkswood, MCC Speeding Committee: PC reported on progress and asked council members if they would be in favour of contributing to the costs of a speed camera. All present in agreement. ACTION: PC to take forward to MCC.   
d. Give Dog Fouling the Red Card Dog waste bin and bags: Dog waste red bags are now with HJ, who will leave some in Llanbadoc Telephone box (information kiosk), ACTION: JW to investigate the possibility of also locating in Glascoed phone box.  HJ has heard no more about the installation of dog poo bin from Sue Parkinson of MCC.  ONGOING  
e. Felled tree at Usk Island update: Offered to school to remove, however too wet to get tractor & trailer there at the moment & same trouble on school grounds too, If we have a dry week in the next two weeks, then the school will have them. DISCHARGED 
f. Ownership of Llanbadoc Island and Glascoed Common Play areas: HJ has received a comprehensive list of play equipment from MCC which they own and insure, this accounts for all equipment at Llanbadoc Play area and Glascoed Commons. Based on this information all council in agreement to remove from LCC Asset Register and Insurance Policy. ACTION: Clerk Proceed with removal from Asset Register and Insurance Policy. 
g. Triangle of Land in Woodside – Correspondence received from Usk in Bloom Chair, Tony Kear, UIB have had a site visit. Based on this a working party has been arranged for Saturday 11th November (10am) to clear / tidy / prune as appropriate. Councillors and residents welcome to support, HJ confirmed that she would attend.  
h. Attendance at OVW Meeting, 5th October 2017 – MR reported, Minutes from OVW received and circulated to council members on 26/10/17   
i. Ploughing over Usk Valley walk – Correspondence received from Ruth Rourke, MCC, Council members requested to further pursue in view of LCC’s concerns - have MCC had any contact with the college?  ACTION: Clerk
j. OVW Module 5 ‘The Council Meeting’ attended by JC on 19th October – JC reported on the training course and recommendations by OVW. This included a summons to Councillors for meeting attendance, the way sub-group reports are dealt with (attached to Agenda, any matters arising from the report (then these are minuted along with Action points), The Agenda should remain on the Website as well as the minutes.  The declaration of interests should be a table on the website detailing the occasions when a Councillor declared an Interest at the meeting.  These should be noted in the Minutes and then copied and pasted into the table each month. ACTION: Clerk 
k. MCC Training on the Code of Conduct attended by JL, PS and JS on 19th October – Feedback from Councillors who attended, very informative. 
7. Matters arising from recent correspondence / New Business
a. Council IT Security and Data back-up: The Member of public present suggested he maybe able to provide advice ONGOING AGENDA ITEM
b. Consultation: Guidance for Principal Councils on the review of Communities (email received from OVW on 03/10/2017) noted.
c. Boundary Commission for Wales: Revised Proposals Report 2018 Review (email received from OVW on 17/10/2017): Summary report provided and circulated by SW – Aligning the County Boundary with that of the parliamentary constituency to give the County within the ‘required’ average number of electors. MCC gains some Community Council etc. areas of Caldicot, Rogiet and Newport East. MCC loses some CC areas around Croesyceiliog which become part of Torfaen. Direct impact to LCC appears low. 
8. Planning
a. MCC Planning Committee Meeting – Agenda for Planning Committee, Tuesday, 7th November 2017, 2.00 pm – No applications within Llanbadoc CC
b. Report from the LCC Planning sub group – no meeting held as no new applications received 
c. Planning Applications 
i. DC/2017/000027 – ‘RAW WATER PUMPING STATION (RWPS’), PRIORESS MILL LANE, USK – Mark Reardon reported that Welsh Water are now engaging with residents on a regular basis.  DISCHARGED 
d. MCC Enforcement Cases (confidential) Email rec. from MCC on 4/4 – no new cases.  
9. Finance 
a. A revised copy of accounts has been circulated by email in advance of meeting and all agreed payments from the last meeting made.  
b. Responsible Finance Officer Report, including review of the accounts and spending against budget. Write to Mr Davis to inform what the donation was used for.  HJ to ACTION
c. Passbook balance £17,607.44 confirmed and signed by the chair
d. Payments 
i. The chair asked for Individual Councillor remuneration requests – none received.   
ii. £25.00 Chair’s allowance September 2017 – proposed by PC and seconded by JS ACTION: Clerk
iii. £41.72 Clerk’s expenses invoice September 2017 (including stamps) – proposed by SW and seconded by JC ACTION: Clerk
iv. £50.00 John Turner Internal Audit fee – Proposed by SW and seconded by JC ACTION: Clerk
v. £40.00 One Voice Wales – Information management course attended by the clerk (no bursary available) – Proposed by JC and seconded by JW ACTION: Clerk
vi. £40.00 (potential bursary – ACTION Clerk) One Voice Wales – The Council Meeting attended by JC – pending Invoice 
vii. £1510.65 MCC Invoice – 3 month’s salaries (July-Sept 2017) and admin fee – Proposed by JW and seconded by MR ACTION: Clerk
viii. Merlin Waste – August, September & October collections pending invoice 
ix. £200 Hire of Digger – JW (approved at meeting held on 7/6/2017) Pending 
x. £ Pin board to repair BAE Noticeboard - SW (approved at meeting held on 6/9/2017) – DEFERRED due to significant increased costs see item 10bi
xi. £15.00 per month payable to Usk Valley Promotions – Website hosting fee starting from Sept 2017 – Isobel Brown of Usk Valley Promotions submitted a single invoice to the council on 31/11. This was for £330 – (including £150 item xiii) and £180 for 12 months hosting fee at £15. The Council felt they could not pay this invoice because a. It was submitted after the agenda had been published b. The Council understood that the hosting fee would be payable monthly. The Council are happy to pay 6 months hosting fee to cover the current financial year and then 12 months hosting fee in the new financial year. ACTION: Clerk to contact to request a revised invoice Deferred 
xii. £150 Payable to Usk Valley Promotions – Draft Outline – Included in invoice received, however see above. Deferred 
xiii. £200 Payable to Usk Valley Promotions – Completion – pending invoice Jan 2018
10. Reports
a. (Sub-Group) Procedural and Financial 
(Cllr. Hilary Jones, Cllr. Peter Clarke, Cllr. Jo Storey, Cllr. James Lawrence, Cllr. Jenny Carpenter) 
i. Review of LCC accounting system: The spreadsheet has now been updated and all in agreement suits purpose Discharged
ii. Adoption of Council Risk Assessment (This is carried out annually): The 2017/2018 Risk Assessment was completed by the sub-group members Cllr. Hilary Jones, Cllr. Jenny Carpenter, Cllr. John Wright, Cllr. Mark Reardon, and Cllr. Steve Waring on 17th October on behalf of the Council. It has been circulated to full council by HJ for comments prior to today’s meeting. Final document proposed by JW and seconded by JC – Risk Assessment approved and adopted for 2017/2018
iii. Adoption of Internal Audit Procedure: Deferred to next meeting ACTION: Clerk  
iv. Google Group: Notification to residents not going ahead – Done, Discharged 
b. (Sub-Group) Environment (Cllr. John Wright, Cllr. Steve Waring, Cllr. Hilary Jones, Cllr. James Lawrence) 
i. BAE noticeboard repairs. SW has now measured, and the existing board is 107cm(W) x 62cm(H), with two respectable wooden posts 80cm apart. SW reported that a replacement board could cost between about £160 and £800-£900 depending on specification. Wooden ones appear to be generally more expensive.
SW recommended a modern version based on an aluminium frame and Perspex window material. A good example is at link which is 98cm(W) x 83cm(H) Their reference SKU 523. Price £288 +VAT. Coloured options are available for an additional £54. This board could be mounted on the existing posts, and offer 8 x A4 space for notices, slightly larger than the existing board. The chair thanked SW for the research and item deferred to the next meeting for further consideration DEFERRED
ii. Llanbadoc Island picnic table Insurance claim: Full claim has been submitted with required supporting information, Zurich have approved invoice for payment – awaiting payment ONGOING
iii. Glascoed Crossroads: Contact MCC for a price for a new sign – ACTION: Clerk
iv. Llanbadoc Island potholes and scalping’s: HJ to ask at the next HMPS meeting if they can provide a workforce. 
v. Progress on new Walks leaflet – JW reported that Mike Noakes, MCC Field Officer had been informed of a diversion that may impact on new Walk Route.  DEFERRED Welsh Water funding leaflet. 
vi. Volunteer Risk Assessments: Have now been completed and handed to HJ to be filled for Environment Group  
vii. Future Pathcare Projects, Priority list: SW will defer to Pathcare group, assist coordination with MCC Countryside Dept. for resourcing.  Time defined work due to seasons.  
viii. Jenny’s Bushes work specification Autumn 2017: SW has sent specification sent to Tom Morris of Morris’s of Usk contacted for quote. Morris’s to contact JW to complete contract process. 
JW also reported that Tree clearance work for powerlines has been completed and he has checked the work to be satisfactory.      
c. (Sub-Group) Website (Cllr. John Wright, Cllr. Steve Waring, Cllr. Jenny Carpenter, Mark Reardon and Cllr. James Lawrence) 
Notes circulated to all council members from sub-group meeting held on 17th October 2017
i.      Financial report document to be published on new website when live
ii.     Full Council photo – not proceeding with DISCHARGED 
iii.    Declaration of Members Interests to be published on new website when live – shortened version   
ii. LCC Standing Orders and Financial Control documents to be published on new website when live
iii. Update Johan Klos – ACTION: Clerk 
iv. HJ reported that it is not compulsory for all Council policies to be published on new website, however the social media policy would be advisable.    
   11.  Matters to be considered for the next agenda (at the discretion of the chairman)
i. External Audit Themes 2017/2018  
ii. Appointment of internal auditor (letter of engagement) 
iii. Governance – Preparing for changes in Data Protection Law – Implications for Council 
iv. The Finance Committee will start budget planning shortly as Monmouthshire County Council will require our Precept request early next year.  Please can individual and sub group requests for the 18/19 budget be sent to HJ by December’s meeting please.
v. Remove SW as Signatory from Council account ACTION: Clerk  
vi. Individual Council email addresses - ownership and management to pursue
vii. Recruits for Environment Sub Group 
viii. Advertise appointment for new councillor 2 x vacancies – Contract MCC Democracy ACTION: Clerk
12.  Date of next meetings – Wednesday 6th December 2017 & Wednesday 3rd January 2018
There being no further business the meeting closed at 7.30pm
Olivia Beaumont, Clerk (Proper Officer) / RFO, Llanbadoc Community Council
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