Minutes 2017-12-06 Llanbadoc Community Council
posted on Wed Dec 13 2017, 03:24PM
by Olivia Beaumont
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Minutes of meeting of Llanbadoc Community Council held at County Hall, Usk on Wednesday 6th December 2017
Present: Cllr. Hilary Jones (HJ), Cllr. Mark Reardon (MR), Cllr. Jenny Carpenter (JC), Cllr. Peter Sutherland (PS), Cllr. James Lawrence (JL), Cllr. Jo Storey (JS) and Cllr. John Wright (JW) 
Members of the public: County Cllr. Val Smith and Ed Winter
1. Apologies for absence: Cllr. Peter Clarke (PC)
2. Declarations of interest from members:  Planning Matters - Cllr. Peter Clarke has previously declared a prejudicial interest in this item under the member’s code of conduct, due to his position on the Planning Committee of Monmouthshire County Council. This remains an ongoing declaration. 
3. Police Report: 
a. PC Peter R Evans asked if his presence was required in advance of the meeting. This was not deemed necessary on this occasion and a local police report was requested and received. The police report for November was read out during the meeting and the following points noted: 
Llanbadoc ward (also includes Gwehelog Fawr Community Council area) There have been a total of 27 reports to Gwent Police, these not only cover reports of anti-social behaviour and crime, but reports of welfare and road related incidents. 
1 noted incident – On 01/11/2017 report received that an unattended vehicle parked in Usk Island car park, had a passenger side rear window smashed and a bag stolen from within. No witnesses or CCTV
4. Meeting adjourned and members of the public invited to speak: (time for this session is at the discretion of the chair)
• Under the members code of conduct, County Cllr. Val Smith wished for it to be declared and noted that she has a prejudicial interest in a property at Woodside, Llanbadoc. 
5. Adoption of Minutes: The Chair moved to approve the minutes of meeting held on Wednesday 1st November 2017. All in favour, minutes signed and dated by the chair. ACTION: Clerk remove draft status to published minutes on website 
6. Matters Arising from the Minutes / Current Business:
a. Relocation of Picnic Benches at Usk Island - no further update from MCC
b. Glascoed Commons grass cutting & Key holders – ACTION: Clerk, respond to MCC email, disappointed the point in principal was missed, in that an MCC employee is using key for personal use.  LCC cannot be held responsible for these actions and any liability resulting from the misuse of the keys by MCC employees must be the sole responsibility of MCC.  
c. Speeding through Llanbadoc and Monkswood, MCC Speeding Committee – PC not present to provide a report. County Councillor Val Smith confirmed that a speed camera for Llanbadoc was on order from MCC
d. Give Dog Fouling the Red Card – A second dog waste bin has now been installed at Monkswood. There now being dog waste bins located at Llanbadoc Island and Monkswood. Collections continue to be fortnightly and serviced by Merlin Waste, invoiced to LCC. Collections from the new bin in Monkswood commenced on 13/11/17. Additional dog poo bags with HJ (ACTION: Clerk remove from agenda)
e. Triangle of Land in Woodside – Usk in Bloom have completed 3 sessions on 11th, 18th and 25th November and a request to lobby MCC for new signs. See below.
f. Signage
• Glascoed Cross Roads - Wayne Hodge, Operations Supervisor, Highways MCC – Confirmed that MCC will replace at no cost to LCC) 
• Signs at Woodside approaching Usk River Bridge - Request from Usk in Bloom for LCC to pursue MCC to replace signage. Response received from Wayne Hodge ‘MCC Highway Operations find the signs by the bridge in Usk to be still fit for purpose and will not be cleaning or replacing them at any time soon.  However, if Usk in Bloom or the Town Council were to fund the cost of replacement then that is a possibility. Any new signs or any signs that are to be replaced now have to have be bilingual welsh/English.’  A quote for the signs to be replaced was provided for £294.00. Agenda Item for next meeting ACTION: Clerk
g. Ploughing over Usk Valley walk – MR confirmed that this has still not been reinstated, Request to Matthew Lewis that he contact the Coleg Gwent as he previously offered. ACTION: Clerk  
h. DPA -Council IT Security and Data back-up (Council specific email addresses / anti-virus / Cloud storage) Contact with Matthew Hammond, clerk replied on 15/11 to request costings, no reply as yet. Council request to follow up as budget setting early January ACTION: Clerk
i. Bank Signatories – removal of Steve Waring as resigned as Community Councillor – HJ, MR, JW and JS completed and signed MBS form ACTION: Clerk to return to MBS
7. Appointment of new councillor for Monkswood (1 position advertised, 1 position can immediately co-opt) 
The chair welcomed Ed Winter to the meeting, and invited him to introduce himself to council members.  Co-option onto council proposed by JC and seconded MR.  Declaration of acceptance of office signed and witnessed by the chair. Declaration of Members Interest form provided to take away and complete, to be returned to the clerk.   ACTION: Clerk prepare welcome pack for Ed. 
8. Matters arising from recent correspondence / New Business
a. External Audit Themes 2017/2018 – One Voice Wales October 2017 Bulletin circulated – The clerk has circulated information around the use of council reserves to council members. Suggesting guidance to be included in LCC Financial control documents.  HJ requested the procedural and finance group to meet to discuss and report back to council ONGOING
b. Appointment of internal auditor (letter of engagement) - One Voice Wales October 2017 Bulletin – Send LCC Internal Audit policy to John Turner and ask how much he would be charging. ACTION: clerk 
c. Governance – Preparing for changes in Data Protection Law – Implications for Council - One Voice Wales October 2017 Bulletin – To set up working group to report to council - JW, PS and HJ confirmed as initial working group members. ACTION: Clerk to advise and work with group 
d. The Finance Committee will start budget planning shortly as Monmouthshire County Council will require the Precept request early next year.  Final call for individual and sub group requests for the 2018/2019 budget be sent to HJ. Budget planning meeting set for Tuesday 19th December 5pm at HJ’s house
e. Footpaths and Cycle ways – PS commented that no advance publicity was available for the meeting led by MCC. 
f. Evaluation of the Woodland Trust Cefn Ila project, Usk – MR reported that having agreed to chat to Helen Horder, from Culture Force acting on behalf of the Woodland Trust and having prepared all the information, he did not receive the planned telephone call and is awaiting further contact.
8. Planning
a. MCC Planning Committee Meeting – Agenda for Planning Committee, Tuesday, 5th December, 2017, 2.00 pm 
(no ward applications)
b. Report from the LCC Planning sub group
i. Reschedule date of next meeting as falls on NYD – meet at 5pm 3rd Jan – ACTION: Clerk to confirm – Emailed Stephen Williams, MCC on 07/12
c. Planning Applications 
Temporary Closure of Footpaths 55 & 56 Llanbadoc. Prioress Mill Lane – Report by MR, Council in agreement to propose with no further comment for 6 months ACTION: Clerk
d. MCC Enforcement Cases (confidential) No new or closed cases
9. Finance 
a. Copy of accounts circulated by email in advance of meeting and all agreed payments from the last meeting made – no queries.
b. Responsible Finance Officer Report, including review of the accounts and spending against budget – Produce Budget proposal Report ACTION: Clerk
c. Passbook balance £15940.07 confirmed and signed by the chair
d. Payments 
i. Individual Councillor remuneration requests – none 
ii. £207.85 BT Open Reach cheque received - Deposit
iii. £25.00 Chair’s allowance October 2017 – Proposed PS and seconded JC  
iv. £76.98 Clerk’s expenses invoice October 2017 (including paper, stapler, staples, printer ink) – Proposed PS and seconded JC 
v. £20.00 One Voice Wales – The Council Meeting attended by JC – 50% bursary applied – Proposed PS and seconded JS
vi. £40.68 Merlin Waste – August, September, October & November collections - Propsoed PS and seconded JS  
vii. £306.43 Zurich Insurance Renewal Proposed PS and seconded JS 
viii. £200 Hire of Digger – JW (approved at meeting held on 7/6/2017) - ongoing
ix. £ Pin board to repair BAE Noticeboard – ACTION: JW to survey and report at next meeting
x. £105 Isobel Brown – Hosting fee monthly 7 months from Sept 2017- March 2018 Propsoed PS and seconded JS
xi. £150 Isobel Brown – Draft Outline, Stage 1 Design and Build Propsoed PS and seconded JS
xii. £200 Isobel Brown – Completion – pending invoice Jan 2018
xiii. £495.80 MCC Grounds maintenance contract 2017 – Invoice pending 
* All cheques drawn on 07/12 and posted on 08/12 (clerk note)
10. Reports
a. (Sub-Group) Procedural and Financial 
(Cllr. Hilary Jones, Cllr. Peter Clarke, Cllr. Jo Storey, Cllr. James Lawrence, Cllr. Jenny Carpenter) 
i. Adoption of Annual Review of Internal Audit Procedure Policy – Proposed by JC and seconded by JW (note to be reviewed annually).  Policy adopted amend policy with date of adoption ACTION: Clerk
ii. LCC Asset Register update - reviewed
iii. Annual Insurance renewal – reduction noted and signed off
b. (Sub-Group) Environment (Cllr. John Wright, Cllr. Hilary Jones, Cllr. James Lawrence) 
i. Llanbadoc Island Car park – JW reported to the council that the temporary repairs are not working and it is time to consider a more permanent solution. The chair requested JW make a budget request – quotes to be arranged.  
ii. JW confirmed that Tom Morris had been contacted for work at Jenny’s bushes
c. (Sub-Group) Website (Cllr. John Wright, Cllr. Jenny Carpenter, Mark Reardon and Cllr. James Lawrence) 
i. Declaration of Member’s Interest table – ACTION: Clerk
ii. Council agreed on 6 months of historical minutes working up to 12 months of historical minutes on the website, anyone wishing to see further back to contact the clerk.
iii. Photograph and profile for new councillor Ed 
iv. Change start time of meeting on website – ACTION: Website Group
d. Prison Liaison Meeting attended by Hilary Jones on 6th November 
i. Councillors confirmed they had seen the report as part of the agenda documentation and had no comments or questions.  
   11.  Matters to be considered for the next agenda (at the discretion of the chairman)
a. Cost of replacement road signs approaching Usk River Bridge
12.  Date of next meetings –  Wednesday 3rd January 2018 and Wednesday 7th February 2018
There being no further business the meeting closed at 19.28
Olivia Beaumont, Clerk (Proper Officer) / RFO, Llanbadoc Community Council
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