Agenda for Llanbadoc Community Council meeting on Wednesday 7th February 2018 6pm County Hall
posted on Thu Jan 11 2018, 09:34AM
by Olivia Beaumont
[ Edited Thu Feb 08 2018, 11:25AM ]

Meeting of Llanbadoc Community Council to be held at County Hall, Usk on Wednesday 7th February 2018 6.00pm
Dear Councillor 
You are hereby summoned to attend the Ordinary Meeting of Llanbadoc Community Council to be held at County Hall, Usk on Wednesday 7th February 2018 6.00pm, for the purpose of transacting the following business. 
Yours faithfully, Olivia Beaumont CLERK 
Members are reminded that they attend this meeting under the provisions of the Community Council’s Code of Conduct. 
Members of the public are invited to address the Community Council for 15 minutes where stated in the agenda.  
1. Apologies for absence: 
2. Declarations of interest from members:  Planning Matters - Cllr. Peter Clarke has previously declared a prejudicial interest in this item under the member’s code of conduct, due to his position on the Planning Committee of Monmouthshire County Council. 
3. Police Report: 
a. Local police report - awaiting at time of agenda publication
4. Meeting adjourned and members of the public invited to speak: (time for this session is at the discretion of the chair)
5. Adoption of Minutes: Chair to move to approve minutes of meeting held on Wednesday 3rd January 2018
6. Matters Arising from the Minutes / Current Business:
a. Relocation of Picnic Benches at Usk Island 
b. Replacement of picnic table at Llanbadoc Island 
c. Glascoed Commons grass cutting & Key holders – Email sent to MCC 18/12 no reply to date
d. Speeding through Monkswood  
e. Triangle of Land in Woodside 
f. Signage to replace signs at Woodside approaching Usk River Bridge - £294 quote from MCC does not include VAT or installation (information passed to Usk in Bloom)
g. Councillor Vacancies 
• Vacancy for Monkswood – Advertised, can co-opt from 4th December 2017
• Vacancy for Llanbadoc – Advertised, can co-opt from 7th February 2018
h. Major Gas Works in Usk – Implications for HGV’s / Designated routes during closure of High street 
i. The Beaufort Public House 
j. Responsibility for preservation of ex Railway buildings opposite Usk Island Car Park 
k. OVW Wales review of Community and Town Council Sector – Response submitted by HJ on 12th January 2018
l. BAE Noticeboard
m. Removal of grit bin in Glascoed – Added to program of works 
n. Update on Usk Town Hamilton-Baille Report – UTC met with Rachel Rawlings, MCC with regards to the HB report, waiting to hear from Roger Hoggins, Rachel is going to chase this up. It was also agreed that UTC’s initial thoughts on shared space will be fed into a wider community consultation exercise which will take place in April. I will keep let you know when our question/survey goes live.
o. Payroll changes – Play works, Communication from MCC
p. Heavy Goods Vehicles Glascoed Lane
q. Land opposite Usk Island – Email from Paula Clarke 2301 - no evidence of any residential use of the site during our last visit, however the Council has received a planning application in respect of the storage of caravans, containers and trailers at the site. This application is currently invalid however once it is registered you will be able to view the application and make comments if you wish. The case officer is Andrew Jones
7. Matters arising from recent correspondence / New Business
a. Resurfacing Llanbadoc Island – JW to report
b. BT phone box at Glascoed door jammed and handle to be readjusted – BT Contacted 15/01 by HJ
c. Report of large tree on the edge of Common by residents Mary and Frank Keefe – Meeting with Bettina Broadway Mann on 26/01/18 formal report (Fee approx. £200) -  JW to report
d. Code of Conduct Training to be hosted by Goytre Fawr CC, Goytre Fawr Community Centre, School Lane in Penperlleni. – EW to attend
e. GDPR AWARENESS FOR TOWN AND COMMUNITY COUNCILS - TUESDAY, 27TH FEBRUARY 2018 AT 6PM in the Council Chamber, County Hall, Usk – Respond to MCC by 9th Feb on how many attending – PS, EW, HJ and JW confirmed attendance
f. Keep Wales Tidy - Spring Clean Cymru 1st – 4th March -  JW proposed a "Litter Picking Day" for Glascoed Sunday 4th
8. Planning
a. MCC Planning Committee Meeting – Agenda for Planning Committee on Tuesday, 6th February 2018, 2.00 pm– no ward applications
b. Report from the LCC Planning sub group 
• MCC Pre-application Community Consultation for major planning applications response submitted on 16/01/18
• MCC Local Development Plan "Consultation on the Draft Review Report" Public consultation Monday 11th Dec 2017 – Mon 5th Feb 2018 – Reviewed by JW, see report in Appendix below
c. Planning Applications 
Application Type: Planning Permission 
Description of proposal: To build a small extension to create a sunroom/orangery
Location: Golden Grove, Estervarney Lane, Monkswood Usk NP15 1QE
• Fast Track application response required before 1st Feb – LCC Recommended approval following meeting on 16/01/18
d. MCC Enforcement Cases (confidential) 
9. Finance 
a. Copy of accounts circulated by email in advance of meeting and all agreed payments from the last meeting made  
b. Responsible Finance Officer Report, including review of the accounts and spending against budget 
c. Passbook balance £19,721.62 to be confirmed and signed by the chair
d. Payments 
i. Individual Councillor remuneration requests  
ii. £50.00 Chair’s allowance  
iii. £35.00 Clerk’s expenses 
iv. £299.00 Council Laptop 
v. £200 Isobel Brown – Completion of website, to propose payment as invoice due 
vi. £495.80 plus VAT - MCC Grounds maintenance contract 2017 – Notified on 7/11/17 in an email from MCC to propose payment as Invoice due 
vii. £1,441.74 Invoice from MCC, salary (Oct-Dec 2017)
10. Reports
a. (Sub-Group) Procedural and Financial 
(Cllr. Hilary Jones, Cllr. Peter Clarke, Cllr. Jo Storey, Cllr. James Lawrence, Cllr. Jenny Carpenter) 
Full Council met on 16/01/2018 when the 2018/19 Budget and Precept was agreed, and the clerks job description, contract and salary were reviewed. Report in appendix below 
As documented in Internal audit policy) Finance and Procedural Group to meet in January to:
• Review Effectiveness of the internal Audit
• Review the Councils system for internal financial control 
• Review Audit Plan
• Review Terms of reference for the Internal Auditor
• To check that the council has carried out a risk assessment in the last 12 months
External Audit Themes 2017/2018 – One Voice Wales October 2017 Bulletin – Use of Reserves and Internal Audit - finance to group to present.  
b. (Sub-Group) Environment (Cllr. John Wright, Cllr. Hilary Jones, Cllr. James Lawrence) 
No report
c. (Sub-Group) Website (Cllr. John Wright, Cllr. Jenny Carpenter, Cllr. Ed Winter and Cllr. James Lawrence)
Notes from Web Group meeting held on 12th January 2018 in appendix below.
d. Community Meetings 
• Strong Communities attended by Cllr. Peter Sutherland on 11th January 2018
Short notice of communication of information to clerks – noted by MCC
Activity expansion Land opposite Usk Island Car park – no enforcement issues
Gas Mains in Usk – MCC accepted more info to be provided for HGV rerouting
MCC agreed value in a shared space exercise towards the end of works
Llanbadoc – VAS Speed restriction signs to be in place by 31st March 2018
• One Voice Wales Meeting attended by Cllr. Jo Storey on 18th January 2018 – Minutes circulated by email. The next meeting will take place at 7pm on Thursday 19th April 2018 in the Library at the Sessions House, Usk.
• Usk Cluster Meeting attended by Cllr. Peter Sutherland and Cllr. James Lawrence on 23rd January 2018
   11.  Matters to be considered for the next agenda (at the discretion of the chairman)
12.  Date of next meetings –  Wednesday 7th March 2018 and Wednesday 4th April 2018
Olivia Beaumont, Clerk (Proper Officer) / RFO, Llanbadoc Community Council
Review of the "Consultation on the Draft Review Report" with regard to the Monmouthshire Local Development Plan by Cllr. John Wright
A full review of the LDP commenced in 2017 and culminated with a Draft Review Report which identifies issues considered within the LDP and potential changes likely for a revised LDP.
We are invited to submit any comments that we have with regard to the Draft Review Report, which have to be in by 5th Feb 2018.
The review was recommended as a result of the need to address a shortfall in housing land supply and identify possible additional housing land.
There are 3 broad settlement areas considered: - Towns - Abergavenny, Chepstow and Monmouth - which clearly don't affect our wards.
M4 Corridor- Caldicot, Magor, Rogiet etc - ditto Rural Areas - Usk, Raglan, Penperlleni and others - which I have checked out.
The report considers MCC aspirations for these areas and considers what has been built against the LDP target and has found a shortfall. The report does not then go into specific considerations of housing land use and availability but recommends that "minor amendments" to the LDP provisions will be needed during the Revision Process.
The report also considers Employment land, Tourism (including Glamping), Renewable Energy, Waste Management, Retail, Transport, Open Spaces and Minerals but generally found the LDP to be functioning effectively in these areas.
To sum up - the report is the first stage in what will be a Review (of the current LDP) Process and suggests that " minor amendments" will be required in terms of housing land allocation. As such I can see nothing that we need to comment on at this stage (since the considerations are largely strategic) but clearly, we will need to be aware and fully consider any Revisions in due course.
A John Wright email
LCC Procedural and Financial meeting Tuesday 16th January 2018, 6pm at County Hall in Usk
Present: Cllr. Hilary Jones, Cllr. Peter Sutherland, Cllr. John Wright, Cllr. Jenny Carpenter, Cllr. James Lawrence, Cllr. Ed Winter, Cllr. Jo Storey
Apologies: Cllr. Peter Clarke
Clerks job description, Clerk Contract and Clerks pay, annual leave and sickness leave (were discussed without the clerk present)
Councillors were given copies of the job description and contract for the clerk.
These were reviewed and accepted with a note made that this will need to be updated come the first of April 2018.
Councillors agreed that there should be an annual review and this documented.
Pay Scales from NALC were given to councillors and they agreed that the clerk should move up one point on the scale.
i.e. Scale 24 at £11.41 per hour   £6024.48 per annum
Councillors agreed that a quarterly meeting be held with the clerk in order for both sides to discuss any problems and ways in which to manage them.
These sessions would be with the chair and another councillor.
Councillors discussed hours but agreed that they remain at 44 per month.  The reason being that this year’s administration cost are nearly 60% of the budget.  Olivia is keeping a log of the hours she works and what that work is.  To be reviewed as and when necessary.
Annual Leave and Sick pay were discussed.  It was agreed by all that annual leave should be taken and with the new lap top and email accounts, a councillor could take over for that time.  If Olivia has time in which she is not working a generic “Out of the Office” response can be put on emails etc
MON CC are not able to provide payroll services for a reasonable cost this year, so we will need to find alternative arrangements.  Olivia has this in hand, but we are still awaiting full costs.
All that I have spoken to will require a direct debit for payroll payment.  A bank account will need to be set up ASAP.
The Lap Top was discussed, and we took advice from Ed. Olivia was given full approval to purchase a new lap top at no more than £400.
Ed kindly offered to donate a Hard Drive, if the hard drive Olivia is currently using is her own and not council’s.
At this point Olivia (the clerk) joined us and the budget was discussed
2018/2019 Budget - The Chair thanked the Finance Committee and the clerk for help with Budget setting.  
The chair provided paper copy report to each councillor of the Income and Expenditure for 2017/18, Actual spending in 2017/2018 and Proposed budget for 2018/19 (including the difference). Each budget heading was individually discussed. 
a. Audit Internal and External – £400 – agreed 
b. Insurance – £320 – agreed
c. Registration with ICO - £40 – agreed
d. Clerk salary - £6500 – agreed
e. Office Expenses - £1064.99 – agreed
f. Website - £215 – agreed
g. Noticeboards - £100 – agreed
h. Chairman’s Expenses – £300 – agreed
i. Councillor Remuneration – proposed £100 each councillor – not agreed. £0 Agreed by vote
j. OVW Membership - £110 agreed
k. OVW Training - £400 agreed
l. Professional Fees - £0 agreed
m. Grass Cutting - £1017.26 agreed
n. Solicitors fees - £0 agreed
o. Commons - £500 agreed
p. Dog waste collections for 2 bins - £165 agreed
q. Gwent wildlife Trust or Woodland Trust - £60 agreed 
r. Open Spaces Society - £50 Proposed – not agreed. £0 agreed - not to renew membership
s. Monkswood Bin - £0 agreed
t. Bench Replacement at Llanbadoc Island - £0 agreed (will be covered in 2017/18 budget)
u. Community Event / Donations - £200 agreed
v. Newsletter £500 & walks leaflets £200 - £700 agreed
w. Traffic activated speed road sign - £0 agreed – See notes on reserves 
x. Environmental improvements Monkswood (Bus shelter tiles and paint) - £50 agreed
y. Telephone Box - £50 agreed
z. Local Election costs - £0 agreed
i. 2018/19 Anticipated brought forward balance on 1st April 2018 - £16,545.37
ii. 2018/19 Precept Request £13,530 & 2018/2019 other income - £748.90 = £14,278.90
iii. 2018/19 Budget planned expenditure – £12,392.25
iv. 2019/20 Anticipated brought forward balance on 1st April 2019 (i. & ii – iii) £18,432.02
v. Justification of Reserves - iv. £2000 Earmarked Reserves for Traffic Activated Speed Sign at Monkswood, £7000 Contingency funds for running of council - Admin costs, £9,432.02 unplanned expenditure /  Future resurfacing of Llanbadoc Island Car park. 
1. Submit Precept request to MCC ACTION: Clerk Done
2. Set up Budget as agreed ACTION: Clerk Done
3. Investigate Woodland Trust Membership ACTION: Clerk
4. Pursue MCC for Speed activated road signs in Monkswood, ACTION: Clerk to write to Roger Hoggins, understand that Woodside will be installed by 31st March, what are plans for linking into Monkswood? ACTION: PS To take up with MCC Stronger Communities
5. ACTION: JW To contact MCC for a quote for re tarmacking of Llanbadoc Island 
LCC Web Group meeting 12th January 2018
Present were:- Jenny Carpenter, Ed Winter and John Wright.
1.All the previously noted policy documents have now been loaded onto the draft new web site.
2.Members Interest Table should include:- Peter Clarke (as MCC planning committee); Steve Waring (declared an interest as a neighbour’s planning application was considered); James Lawrence (declared an interest as his own family’s planning application was considered). ACTION – Olivia to complete table and pass to Isobel.
3.” Councillor Remuneration” heading has now been set up on the new draft web site. ACTION – Ed will check the requirements via the Ombudsman policy document. Following Ed’s review, we would like a note added to the effect that “whilst it is recommended that councillors receive some small remuneration (to recognise their freely given efforts) our council has voted not to implement this for the years ending April 2019.
4.” Councillor Profiles”. ACTION – Ed will draft a few lines for himself and pass to Isobel for uploading.
5. Steve Waring and Mark Reardon have now been deleted from the current web site following their resignation.
6. Ed will provide a photo of himself and pass to Isobel for uploading. ACTION –Ed
7.Photos have been passed to Isobel who has uploaded as “revolving” images on new web site “Home” page.
8. Isobel has advised that because of formatting we can’t have similar “revolving” images on the “Community” page of the web site.  We wondered however if some of the photos already supplied for the anticipated slide show could be used as “fixed” images on the “Commons/walks” page? ACTION- Isobel.
9.We need a new group photo for the “About the Council” page.
10. The group are happy with the proposed “phone box” logo but this appears to float on different sized computers/tablets and we would like to see it fixed at the top left (margin). ACTION – Isobel
11. The “Cookie” button is fine but there is no text in the box (to advise on cookies). ACTION – Isobel.
12. Currently the location of the Council’s notice boards are shown on Google Street View and we would prefer to have a location map with a pin showing the location. Can this be provided in a new tab (ie all off site links in new tab/window , by default ? ACTION – Isobel.
13. “Vice Chair” needs to added to Peter Sutherland profile. ACTION – Isobel.
14. “Governance Documents “ – Can the list be made “static” and scale the picture to fill the right hand side ? ie Not leave big blank spaces.
15. Ditto “Annual Accounts”.
16. “Monswood Ward” – needs a new photo of the cricket club and fill in blank space. A new photo of the Glascoed post box is required for “Glascoed Ward” to match the others in size. We would like to add a photo of the “Catherine Sainsbury” land sign for the Glacoed ward (we subsequently discovered that the sign has been removed). ACTION – Web group (JW/JC/EW)
17. The group decided that we can take off the news items on the new web site “Community Information” page as they already appear on the “Home” page. Other items for this section could include refuse bag collections, County Council info etc. ACTION - web group/Isobel.
18. Transfer of domain name. ACTION - Ed to liaise with Isobel (and Johan as necessary) to arrange the transfer.
19. The next step is to arrange a meeting with Isobel to run through things face to face and Monday 29th January at 2.00pm has been pencilled in. ACTION – Jenny. Meeting subsequently confirmed as to be held at Jenny’s house.
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