Minutes 2018-01-03 Llanbadoc Community Council
posted on Thu Jan 11 2018, 09:42AM
by Olivia Beaumont
[ Edited Thu Feb 08 2018, 11:22AM ]

Minutes of meeting of Llanbadoc Community Council held at County Hall, Usk on Wednesday 3rd January 2018
Present: Cllr. Hilary Jones (HJ), Cllr. John Wright (JW), Cllr. Peter Sutherland (PS), Cllr. Jenny Carpenter (JC), Cllr. James Lawrence (JL), Cllr. Jo Storey (JS) and Cllr. Ed Winter (EW) 
Members of the public: During item 7, two members of the public joined the meeting 
1. Apologies for absence: Cllr. Peter Clarke provided apologies and Cllr. Peter Sutherland requested to leave at 7.30pm
2. Declarations of interest from members:  Planning Matters - Cllr. Peter Clarke has previously declared a prejudicial interest in this item under the member’s code of conduct, due to his position on the Planning Committee of Monmouthshire County Council. 
3. Police Report: 
a. Local police report - not received 
4. Meeting adjourned and members of the public invited to speak: (time for this session is at the discretion of the chair)
This item was reintroduced after item 7 on the agenda at the discretion of the chair due to two members of the public joining the meeting. They wished to ask why a residential burglary committed 2 years ago in Glascoed was not discussed at a Community Council Meeting. The Chair, Clerk and members of the council could not recall the event, however explained that the Community Council is only informed of local crime related incidents through a crime report prepared by the local neighbourhood police and this is not always available. Gwent police administered The OWL online system at the time to circulate information to the public and this has now been replaced by GWENT NOW, all residents are encouraged to sign up.  Cllr. Jenny Carpenter suggested that any further items of interest be reported to the Community Council at the time and these could then be published on the Council Facebook Page.  
5. Adoption of Minutes: The Chair moved to approve the minutes of meeting held on Wednesday 6th December 2017
Proposed by Cllr. Peter Sutherland and seconded by Cllr. James Lawrence ACTION: Clerk republish as adopted
6. Matters Arising from the Minutes / Current Business:
a. Relocation of Picnic Benches at Usk Island – no further update from MCC
b. Glascoed Commons grass cutting & Key holders – email sent to MCC on 18/12, no reply to date
c. Speeding through Llanbadoc and Monkswood, MCC Speeding Committee – Peter Clarke not present to update. The chair proposed that the council should continue to pursue a speeding camera for Monkswood – ACTION: Defer until Cllr. Peter Clarke present
d. Triangle of Land in Woodside – No further update
e. Signage 
i. Glascoed Cross Roads (The clerk has previously informed the Community council that MCC have agreed to replace the signage at no cost to LCC – awaiting installation by MCC).  Cllr. John Wright reported that a member of the public had complained of regular heavy goods vehicles through Glascoed Lane. To ask MCC Highways authorities to help manage the problem of HGV’s on unsuitable lanes, causing congestion/subsidence of verges. Cllr. Peter Sutherland wished to raise the implications of the closure of Usk high street and impact on surrounding road network.  ACTION: Clerk to pursue both issues the MCC Highways.
ii. To replace signs at Woodside approaching Usk River Bridge - £294 quote received from MCC for all the signs.  Council queried if that included the cost of installation and VAT? ACTION: Clerk to write to MCC to confirm. ACTION: Clerk To inform Usk in Bloom of the information received to date from MCC to evidence LCC are pursuing the matter. ACTION: Chair To review in LCC Budget setting for 2018/19, and to approach Usk in Bloom with a full council approved proposal.  
f. Ploughing over Usk Valley walk – Response from Ruth Rourke received on 20/12 – Confirming that she did not know if the Field Officer had spoken to the College recently.  The College have not committed any offence regarding ploughing.  Did not believe the College would be willing to surface the footpath as it would seriously hamper their ability to carry on with their agricultural practices.  They have been very co-operative regarding the improvements to the Usk Valley Walk elsewhere. Defer to next meeting ACTION: Clerk
g. DPA - (IT Infrastructure - Data storage, access, protection and sharing - Council Laptop, Council specific email addresses, anti-virus, Cloud storage) – The chair introduced the subject and the rationale for moving forward to council members, Cllr. Ed Winter advised that approx. £300 would be a suitable figure for a Council Laptop. Council specific email addresses should be the way forward for councillors rather than using personal email addresses. Llanbadoc.org currently set up and all emails to this address go to the clerk. A total of 10 individual addresses can be set up from the original google app/Llanbadoc.org this is a free service. A discussion followed to set up for individual email accounts. Cllr. Ed Winter is also investigating IT provision provided through the Crown Service. All in favour of Cllr. Ed Winter joining the Web group. ACTION: Clerk to research laptop within price range    
h. Bank Signatories 
• Removal of Mark Reardon as signatory due to resignation from Council on 07/12 via email to the chair and clerk
• Additional replacement signatories to be Cllr. Jenny Carpenter and Cllr. Peter Sutherland for Council MBS account Proposed by Cllr. John Wright and seconded by Cllr. Ed Winter ACTION: Clerk 
• Addendum for MBS to complete by all remaining and new sigs HJ, JW, JS, PS, JC
i. Councillor Vacancies 
• Appointment of new councillor for Monkswood – Position advertised from 4th December 2017, Council can now co-opt 
• Resignation of Mark Reardon on 7th December 2017 – Notify John Pearson, MCC Democracy and advertise vacancy ACTION: Clerk 
• Election of Vice Chair for the remainder of 17/18 – Cllr. Peter Sutherland, proposed by Cllr. Jenny Carpenter and seconded by Cllr. James Lawrence ACTION: Clerk – Update records
j. External Audit Themes 2017/2018 – One Voice Wales October 2017 Bulletin – Use of Reserves and Internal Audit -– Deferred ACTION: Finance Group
k. Appointment of internal auditor - Letter of engagement sent to John Turner and signed copy returned on 03/01    
l. Governance – Preparing for changes in Data Protection Law - JW, PS and HJ on working group – Response from OVW received 19/12 - Paul Egan, Deputy Chief Executive OVW met with staff at the Information Commission Office at the end of November and they agreed to provide material to prepare a training session and/or briefing notes explaining how the regulation will affect community and town councils and what they need to do to prepare. Details to be circulated in the New Year. ACTION: Clerk Defer to next meeting pending response from OVW
m. Budget for 2018/19 – Spending to date 2017/18 and a detailed forecast for the end of financial year position prepared and circulated to all councillors by the clerk on Saturday 16th December, Finance group met on 19th December – Extraordinary meeting to be called on Tuesday 16th January 6pm to discuss and agree 2018/19 budget and precept. Book Room and Confirm ACTION: Clerk 
n. Precept request for 2018/19 – Deferred to Tuesday 16th January
7. Matters arising from recent correspondence / New Business
a. Monmouthshire Local Development Plan – Public consultation Monday 11th Dec 2017 – Mon 5th Feb 2018 – Postal correspondence received – handed to Cllr. John Wright ACTION: LCC Planning sub group  
b. (As documented in Internal audit policy) Finance and Procedural Group to meet on 16th January following budget meeting to review the following:
• Effectiveness of the internal Audit 
• The Councils system for internal financial control 
• Audit Plan
• Terms of reference for the Internal Auditor
• To check that the council has carried out a risk assessment in the last 12 months (include clerk working from home risk assessment as documented in clerk contract) 
c. Clerk payroll notification from MCC of increased charges from April 2018 – Response from OVW link Independent Payroll as the preferred option – Obtaining quotes, would require DD payments and therefore a council bank account.  Write to head of Monmouthshire County Council, timing of email and timescales difficult to work with. Copy to Kellie Beirne and request agenda item at next cluster meeting. ACTION: Clerk 
d. LCC Facebook message - Prescoed prison and the litter that appears along the lanes after every weekend, McDonald's packaging and drinks cans. Previously raised at Prison Liaison meetings; the safety of prisoners means a litter pick along the roads by inmates is not feasible.  Cllr. Jenny Carpenter to inform the member of the community who raised the issue that the chair is going to write to the Prison governor to address this issue once again.  ACTION: Chair   
e. Clerk Pay scale and Annual leave entitlement Defer to meeting on 16th January ACTION: Clerk 
f. Major Gas Works in Usk – Cllr. Peter Sutherland attended the Community Meeting and reported to Council members, phased and planned work, HGV’s will need to be rerouted. PS to continue to update council and inform JC and HJ so that Facebook can be updated. PS to attend Stronger Communities and MCC Cluster meeting, request update from MCC regarding Usk traffic, following the Usk Hamilton Bailey workshop ACTION: Clerk  
g. The future of the Beaufort public house, Monkswood – The chair updated the council on the history of the building and attempts to contact the owner.  
h. Responsibility for preservation of ex. Railway buildings opposite Usk Island Car Park – PS raised this topic and produced pictures of the area opposite Usk Island Car Park showing its deterioration. – ACTION: Site meeting TBC for LCC Planning Group.
8. Planning
a. MCC Planning Committee Meeting – Agenda for Planning Committee on Tuesday, 9th January 2018, 2.00 pm – no ward applications being discussed
b. Report from the LCC Planning sub group – No report as group did not need to meet
c. Planning Applications - No planning applications received for consideration
d. MCC Enforcement Cases – No new or closed cases for the ward
• Cllr. Peter Sutherland has been in communication with MCC enforcement, regarding the newly situated mobile home located in Woodside on land opposite Usk Island. Awaiting response from MCC.
Time 7.30pm and Cllr. Peter Sutherland left the meeting at this point
9. Finance 
a. Copy of accounts circulated by email on 16th December, all agreed, payments from the last meeting made – no queries.
b. Responsible Finance Officer Report received including review of the accounts and spending against budget 
c. Passbook balance £15,423.83 confirmed and signed by the chair
d. Payments 
i. Individual Councillor remuneration requests – none    
ii. £25.00 Chair’s allowance Proposed by JW and seconded by JC ACTION: Clerk. Proposal to reimburse for gifts to retiring Councillors under 2017/18 Chair’s expenses. Proposed by JC and seconded by JW. ACTION: Clerk agenda for next meeting  
iii. £35.00 Clerk’s expenses Proposed by JS and seconded by EW ACTION: Clerk
iv. £152.21 MCC Community/Town Council Election Recharge – 4th May 2017 – Proposed by JC and seconded by EW ACTION: Clerk
v. £200 Hire of Digger – JW (approved at meeting held on 7/6/2017) – Remove
vi. £ Pin board to repair BAE Noticeboard - SW (approved to replace pin board at meeting held on 6/9/2017) - Deferred
vii. £200 Isobel Brown – Completion of website – To propose payment as invoice due January 2018
viii. £495.80 plus VAT - MCC Grounds maintenance contract 2017 – Notified on 7/11/17 in an email from MCC – Invoice due January 2018 - Deferred   
All withdrawals were made on 04/01 and posted on 08/01
10. Reports (no reports received) 
a. (Sub-Group) Procedural and Financial 
(Cllr. Hilary Jones, Cllr. Peter Clarke, Cllr. Jo Storey, Cllr. James Lawrence, Cllr. Jenny Carpenter) 
Met to discuss Budget on 19th December 2017, Meeting confirmed to present budget and approve by full council on Tuesday 16th January 2018 ACTION: Clerk book room – email sent 09/01
b. (Sub-Group) Environment (Cllr. John Wright, Cllr. Hilary Jones, Cllr. James Lawrence) 
i. Llanbadoc Island Car park – resurfacing required (to discuss at meeting on 16th January to include in budget / Reserve requirements)
ii. Old grit bin on Cwm Road, Glascoed, new yellow one installed, can the old green one be removed ACTION: Clerk 
iii. Jenny’s bushes – Spoken to Tom Morris, awaiting a meeting on site - Ongoing
iv. BAE Noticeboard – Ongoing 
c. (Sub-Group) Website (Cllr. John Wright, Cllr. Jenny Carpenter, Cllr. Ed Winter and Cllr. James Lawrence)
Awaiting Isobel Brown from Usk Valley Promotions to confirm completion of website with populated information  
Domain name to be registered to LCC – Discuss with Johan – Contract ends end of April 2018. 
Clerk to produce table of Members Interests ACTION: Clerk
   11.  Matters to be considered for the next agenda (at the discretion of the chairman)
• OVW Wales Meeting 18th January 7pm – JS to attend, PS available until 8pm
• Usk Cluster Meeting 23rd January 6pm – County Hall – PS & JL to attend (Hilary to attend if JL can’t)
• Review of Community and Town Council Sector – Response to 4 high level questions – ACTION: Clerk Circulate for consideration
• Dog bin installed and add to website ACTION: Clerk   
• Pre-application community consultation for major planning applications – Planning Sub group to respond
12.  Date of next meetings –  Wednesday 7th February 2018 (meeting room P4) and Wednesday 7th March
There being no further business the meeting closed at 19.57
Olivia Beaumont, Clerk (Proper Officer) / RFO, Llanbadoc Community Council
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